Pure titanium simple tea set (single layer filter cup + titanium lid)

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. Sewn-type filter to quickly separate tea . Lightweight, non-toxic and non-toxic . Chemical-free scratches can still be


Pure titanium simple tea set (single layer filter cup + titanium lid)


https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_08.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/dish01_350tea_01.jpg Sewn-type filter to quickly separate tea Tea cup can be placed in all titanium cups Stackable, stackable and easy to store https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea.jpg Let tea completely stretch in the titanium cup When using it for the first time, it is recommended that the hot water be loaded with 6~7 minutes. When you take it, it will be a bit hot. After familiar with the characteristics, the water can be loaded to 7 points. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_02.jpg Cup curling design is easy to take one piece of health durable https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_03.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_04.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_05.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_06.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_07.jpg https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/cups350_na_tea_09.jpg Filter cup Material: Titanium pure titanium Model: CUPS350-NA-TEA Color: primary color Dimensions: 9 cm wide x about 5.5 cm cup diameter x 10 cm cup height Weight: about 68g Capacity: about 350 ml (ml) Small titanium plate / titanium cup lid Material: Titanium pure titanium Model Number: DISH01 Color: primary color Size: Diameter 11.2 cm x Disk bottom diameter 8.5 cm x 1.3 cm thick Weight: about 36g Origin / manufacturing methods R&D, design, and production are all completed in Taiwan. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/tiann_5c_580.jpg ★ Note: Titanium cutlery merchandise series for glossy metal products, the production process will produce fine lines is normal. The photos on the web page are for reference. Because the light is different from the computer monitor, please refer to the real product. For those who are pursuing perfection, please consider after consideration. Thank you! Return and make sure that the package is complete (including the product itself, internal and external packaging, accessories, gifts, etc.). Titanium Tableware Features https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/1.jpg 1. Safe and nontoxic lemon tea, coffee and milk are safe About 99.5% pure titanium in China Steel is used to guarantee new materials from raw materials, and we have more quality assurance than our certification. The Mn overdose of schoolchild lunchboxes is that certification and actual production are not in the same batch. The original pure titanium material is used, but it is safe to use but with peace of mind. Pure titanium is currently recognized as the safest material for tableware. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/2.jpg 2. Beautiful and easy to use all colors are vacuum high temperature pure titanium self hair color This is the cutting-edge technology that we are currently leading in the titanium tableware industry. We must buy the best technology tableware to buy. Vacuum high-temperature sintering makes titanium oxide on the surface of our pure titanium thicker, and its function is strengthened. Different thicknesses are refracted by light to produce different colors. The color not only allows us to have a beautiful coat, but also has the following fascinating advantages: * Titanium magic! Improve the taste of drinks, water tea coffee becomes more smooth, friends who like to drink can also be used as a cup of drinking glasses. * Titanium happy! Bacteria are not easy to breed, foods are more fresh, and the lunch boxes brought back by schoolchildren are no longer stenchless, so that mothers don’t have to work hard to open lunchboxes. * Titanium saves money! Titanium environmental protection! Easy to wash, easy to wash, save water, save water, and save time. * Titanium hygiene! It is not easy to get calories, tea, coffee, not afraid of the night, when the daily must-have cup is not easy to scale. * Titanium is clean! It is less likely to leave fingerprints than ordinary titanium cutlery. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/3.jpg 3. One-piece safety, health and durability All titanium cutlery have no welding at the bottom, and they are stamped and pumped directly from a pure titanium plate. Compared with the welding methods used in mainland China and Japan, it is not easy to get calories and is safer and more durable. The double-layered product is a one-piece self-assembled, high-temperature pure titanium fusion welding method used at the cup mouth, completely eliminating the use of lead-tin and other metal solders. Safe and beautiful. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/4.jpg 4. Full-color Lei color titanium special security and beautiful Exclusively developed a titanium full-color laser laser engraving machine, full-frequency high-temperature laser falls on the surface of pure titanium, different temperatures and different frequencies to stimulate the titanium color, like a color magician sway out of colorful patterns and colors. Compared with the transfer method, we do not have the risk of heavy metal shedding, and it is also more durable and safer than the conventional anode coloring soaking chemical solvent electrification method used in Japan. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/5.jpg 5. Nobility and value for money The raw materials are expensive. The pure titanium provided by China Steel is about 10 times more expensive than the ordinary 304 stainless steel. The raw material is the basic of tableware, and it is very important to use good materials. Difficult to process, pure titanium is more difficult to mold than ordinary metals. The loss rate of the die is also faster than that of ordinary stainless steel. The processing cost is about 3 times more expensive than the normal metal. Leading industry advanced technology, surface treatment, auto welding, one-piece molding and other technologies make our titanium tableware safer and safer than ordinary titanium tableware, easy to use and wash. Half of the international market price, real materials and top technology, to Taiwan consumers, to promote half of the international market price in Taiwan, value for money. Taiwan's industry supports cutting-edge technology to stay in Taiwan, from raw materials to the production of 100% Taiwan DNA. Safe and secure guarding food safety The last road to love yourself loves the earth. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/icon_01.jpg 1. [Cleaning & Maintenance] a. Cleaning - For the first use, wash it with soap or a mild detergent for a few times, or wash it with hot water. Titanium tableware is not easy to get scales. Do not use Sodium Carbonate, Soda Powder or Hydrogen Peroxide. When these reducing acid series cleaners destroy the titanium dioxide film, the color is not seen and the original silver gray appears. Although it is safe and non-toxic, it is aesthetically pleasing. - Afterwards, the pure titanium cutlery is very good for cleaning because of its good hydrophilicity. It is recommended that the cleansing agent be reduced or the sponge can be easily cleaned only with water. Titanium cutlery is similar to stainless steel in terms of hardness. It is also scratch-resistant. It is just as safe and non-toxic as a scratch. It can be used forever. If there is juice such as gravy or oil, it can be ground on a lunch box and ground with hot salt water before cleaning. - After high-temperature drying or uneven heating, resulting in a colorful Aurora color, the color cannot be changed by washing. This is the case where titanium is auto-discolored at high temperatures, which is safe and non-toxic. b. Maintenance - Titanium is prone to residual water stains. If you are concerned, please wash it immediately and wipe it dry to avoid water stains on the cup body. - Pure titanium does not rust or deform, and cherish the use of a cutlery for a lifetime, which is very economical and environmentally friendly. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/icon_02.jpg 2. [How to use] Dishwasher|Applicable, but a commercially available ozone-containing (O3) drying bowl creates a rapid titanium dioxide blue-violet powder on the surface of a pure titanium primary product, which is a normal phenomenon that can be easily erased. Electric pot|applicable, but it is recommended to put a shelf under the bottom, to avoid the temperature is too high, lard and fish oil is easily absorbed by pure titanium, dry will run out of oil, is harmless but less beautiful. The single-layer heating is faster than the normal tableware, but it is also hotter than the ordinary tableware. When it is steamed, do not take it directly by hand. The double-layer design is for thermal insulation and should not be used for heating purposes. Dry heat or uneven heat, it is possible to produce seven colored blocks, this is the characteristics of titanium, as safe and non-toxic. Gas stove | can be directly fire but do not burn, do not use fire, because there may be discoloration. Pure titanium will change color at high temperatures, and will not recover after discoloration. This is a characteristic of titanium, but it is safe and non-toxic and can be used with peace of mind. Microwave ovens|Not applicable, due to poor performance, the temperature above the drinks is cold, and the handles are easily discolored and hot, and double-deck utensils cannot be microwaved. Induction cooker | not applicable, few magnetic, so poor performance. https://titan.com.tw/download/pinkoi/icon_03.jpg 3. [color] All our tableware are polished and ground. The original color is silver grey metallic. After a unique technique of high temperature sintering, the titanium dioxide film thickness on the titanium surface is increased. Different thicknesses are refracted by light to produce different colors. We call it titanium self hair color. Not only is the color beautiful, but it also maximizes the advantages of pure titanium. Since there is no coating or no transparent silicone, some scratches are not masked. In addition, because there is no transparent silicone, there is no protective layer. If the surface titanium dioxide is washed, scratched or high temperature, the titanium dioxide film increases. Subtraction or destruction leads to lightening or color change or exposure to silver gray. These are normal conditions and can be used with ease. Our material is made of pure titanium plate of China Steel, and its color is changed with the temperature of titanium itself, and it is normal that there is no coating if the color of the coating changes again due to the heating of the cooking. It can be used with ease.


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