Flowers - Literary Journal 71 - Endless Season

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As an energetic young people's literature target for young people, "Literature" will never be confined to



Flowers - Literary Journal 71 - Endless Season


**In the latest issue, Taiwanese readers can purchase directly at the bookstore, which saves on postage!** The bi-monthly publication of "Boiling Fish Culture" is published every single month and is available in Business, Sanlian, Tiandi, Zhonghua, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Lewen, Preface, Yulin, and Pastoral. Part of the period of inventory is limited, according to the warehousing quantity for sale. In the new year, to become a better literary person, it's time for us to pull our muscles, warm up and prepare for the sweat of the long season! But how can literary movement be possible? This time, the topic is to first explore the literary feelings of everyday sports. We found Li Huishi, who was stepping into the road of writing by cycling athletes, to see how she links the sacred qualities of sports and writing. She continued to share her love of Tae Kwon Do and Taekwondo with Taekwondo girl Rin, and the 18-zone Side Kick program she created. They will also run into Run Of Page, run in series, reading clubs and communities, so that reading clubs will also be filled with blood. Luo Qianming's "About sports, what I am talking about is actually literature" turned the letter muscles of the writers of sports fans into their own, and clarified their pursuit of some kind of double aesthetic sense. In terms of creation, Ah San and Wong Na-chi played against the “two volleyballs” and during the fierce handover, they saw the complex relationship between technology, athletes' psychology and injuries behind the arena of competition; red-eye (Dustuyevski’s ashes) Combining literature and sports in the consumption culture of the punch card, the two are still unable to escape the emotional packaging of passionate relationships. Chen Wei’s “iron country” also uses instruments to write secrets that are secret in the fitness room. Originally, those who are immersed in bodybuilding and sports have already entered the drifting country. The first innovative column “Rewriting the Native ‧ New and Old Dialogues” was invited by Wu Shuxian to renew the new life and time significance of the old works with a refreshing perspective. Zhong Lingling also officially began to serialize her hard and ecstatic scrutiny and refurbishment of the "Rose Rosary," and took the lead in bringing love to God. In this term, the famous and novice are the same as the novice. The headline is Xie Xusheng's prose poem "The Rift", followed by Chen Yunhong, Zhang Yiwen, and Huang Dapeng's novels of different styles. In poetry, Zhong Guoqiang, Meng Lang, You Jing and Tang donate carefully. Don't miss it. After Dong Qizhang's "God" was published, he evaluated two poles, four commentators and one conversation. He tried to think about the significance of this work in Dong Qizhang's pedigree of genealogy and the history of Hong Kong literature. What is the "recording theater"? In the post-truth era, how did they find truth? The answer may be in our short review series. The three suffixes are also worth scrutinizing, involving painting, film and animal literature, and broadening their horizons.


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