Double-sided modeling cap—20% off cap (newsboy cap)

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The round and fluffy hat body and large brim are the focus of this hat's design, making the shape three-dimensional and stylish ‧ The front and back sides use different cloth colors (can be worn on both sides), which can be matched according to differe


Double-sided modeling cap—20% off cap (newsboy cap)


The round and fluffy hat body and large brim are the focus of this hat's design, making the shape three-dimensional and stylish ‧ Made of Taiwanese cotton and linen (can be worn on both sides), it is ventilated and not stuffy when worn, The front and back sides use different cloth colors, which can be made according to different clothes. Buying a hat has a CP value of 2 hats. (Super cost-effective) It can be folded in a bag for easy carrying. [Size]: S, M, L S size: (54 ~ 56cm) ----- Photo (1,2) M size: (56 ~ 58cm) ----- Photo (3,4) L size: (59 ~ 60cm) ----- Photo (5,6,7) Size selection (head measurement): Please refer to the photo (8) description. [Cleaning method] Handmade products are recommended to use a neutral detergent to wash by hand at low temperature, which can be dehydrated. It is normal for cotton to have wrinkles. In the state of a wet cloth, use your hands to slightly support the hat and then dry it. Marks, the steam iron can be used for ironing at a distance of 1 ~ 2cm. (Do not iron against the cloth to avoid deformation) At present, there are only one top of each finished product, which can be customized (customized) (please contact with private message) (After the order is established--it takes about 10-15 working days) (if you need to arrange the order--accept re-ordering for a longer time), urgent orders are not accepted !! The ordering process is as follows: (please read it carefully) (The following points 1-3 are in the communication stage, the order has not yet been established, and the process is up to point 4 even if the order is established-cannot be cancelled,) 1. Determine the style (refer to the existing finished style). 2. Determine the size (for measurement of head circumference, please refer to the photo). 3. Choose the cloth color (I will provide the cloth color for your reference). 4. Order fabrics from fabric dealers (both from Taiwan fabric dealers, it takes about 3 ~ 5 days) (If the fabric is out of stock, it will be notified immediately, and you can re-recommend other suitable fabric colors) 5. Type making and car making. 6. Take a photo of the finished product and send it to the buyer [Reminder] Accept the following points before ordering. ~~ Thank you. The cloth patterns cannot be exactly the same when cut, and different suits and colors are combined to create different visual sensations. Due to the light relationship, the color of the photo may be slightly different from the finished product. The hat is handmade, and the size may be slightly different than the product defect. It cannot be returned.


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