REGENT Elegant Tassel Loafer-Black/Double Fringe Tassel Loafer-Black

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Sweet retro double tassels, soft and comfortable sheep patent leather, classic American college style, low-key but elegant Midsummer footprint.



REGENT Elegant Tassel Loafer-Black/Double Fringe Tassel Loafer-Black


* Spot 37/38/42 *Please inquire about the inventory before placing a bid *Order-made products will be produced after payment is confirmed *The estimated construction period is four weeks (excluding national holidays), and the delivery date will be notified separately ═══════════════════════════════ Address: 2nd Floor, No. 399 Minsheng West Road, Datong District, Taipei City (near Dadaocheng Wharf) Time: 12:00-20:00 (Mon. Off) ═══════════════════════════════ [Shoes introduction] Typical Loafer shoes are designed with a low tube and no laces. Since this is the most convenient design to put on and take off among all shoes, it is also called slip-on. In the category of dress shoes, Loafer is also considered The most casual shoe style, so it is rarely seen in formal events. The style of the hanging ears originally came from the pendants on the traditional Israeli dress. The split flaps represent different commandments taught by God. They are not only decorations, but also symbols of the holy people. In other countries, because of the sacred and lucky connotations, people gradually began to extend the use of home decoration. Its production methods are complex and changeable and require sophisticated handicrafts. Therefore, it is usually expensive and most affordable for upper-class families. Therefore, it generally gives people a noble image. This model is developed with a rounded last for women, which not only blends formality and leisure, but also greatly increases the space inside the shoe without tying the feet. The leather is made of imported sheep patent leather, which maintains a soft foot feel. It presents a mirror-like smooth appearance to ensure that your feet are bright and beautiful every time. The sole uses solid foam rubber, which not only greatly reduces the overall weight, but also enhances the shock absorption effect when walking, so you don’t have to worry about walking for a long time. Wearing bright and colorful double tassels, it is casual and elegant. [Process introduction]**• 100% MIT, supporting Taiwan’s local industries** From lasting to stitching, we insist on the solid technology of one stitch and one thread, and we insist on staying in Taiwan. In addition to believing in the domestic technical standards, we hope to do our best to support and stimulate the revival of Taiwan's traditional industries.**• Exclusively developed Asian shoe lasts, both elegant appearance and comfortable walking** Under the premise of taking into account the comfort, we insist on developing the slender and elegant European-style shoe lasts, with the most orthodox overall design, to completely renovate consumers' stereotypes of leather shoes.**• Strictly select top imported cowhide uppers and strive to create the highest quality** Select high-end leather from various countries as the shoe material, and use transdyed calfskin as the lining. The delicate touch and the soft appearance, the texture is self-explanatory, allowing you to easily control all occasions.**• Memory composite insole to meet your different foot needs** In the traditional leather shoe manufacturing process, cork is one of the key functional materials. For example, shock absorption, cushioning, and foot memory functions generated after long-term wear are very suitable for shoemaking.**• Foam rubber outsole, durable and comprehensive protection** The outsole is made of strong protective foam rubber, with lightweight characteristics, taking into account the beauty and practical wear, and provides consumers with the best grip and wear resistance all day long. Size: 37-48


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