Fashion Energy Jewelry Collection - Blue Agate Wheel Cobblestone Bracelet / Holly blue agate

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Fashion Energy Jewelry Collection - Blue Agate Wheel Cobblestone Bracelet


Fashion Energy Jewelry Collection - Blue Agate Wheel Cobblestone Bracelet / Holly blue agate


***About the product**
Fashion Energy Jewelry Collection - Blue Agate Wheel Cobblestone Bracelet / Holly blue agate faceted bracelet
FB: One and Only Jewelry
***Product Specifications***
Blue agate wheel cut corner stone 0.3cm *0.6cm
Blue gold sandstone abacus beads 0.4 cm*0.8cm
Diamond-studded silver beads 0.8cm *1cm

~ size
The total length of the bracelet is 14cm ~ 18cm (customizable)

***Size selection method***
~Bracelet and Bracelet: 1. Measure the actual hand circumference (cm) by placing a tape measure or a thin line around your wrist.
2. The designer will widen 1~1.5cm when making it.
3. Custom or other size please note

1. The goods are taken in kind. Because the color of each computer screen is different, it is inevitable that there will be some color difference. Please pay attention to the size of the product, mainly in kind.
2. Each shape and size of the gemstone cannot be exactly the same. It is normal for the natural stone to have many natural textures and fine pores. The actual conditions are acceptable for the above conditions.
3. Please confirm the size and then purchase, each one is tailor-made for you.
4. Some special materials have limited stock, if the sale is completed, they will inform whether to replace other stocks.

***Use and maintenance**
Like other jewellery, if you cherish it, it will reward you with its brilliance. This kind of jewellery does not need to be treated with very expensive maintenance water, as long as it avoids sour and damp environment.
1, bathing, washing your face, do not wear when sweating a lot, use a dry cloth to dry before storage.
2, do not touch chemicals, perfume, bath products, chlorine in swimming, salt in the sea, will cause some corrosion to the jewelry, so the accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
3, collision is easy to produce friction, storage should be careful, do not overlap the jewelry.
4. Reduce contact with air to avoid deep oxidation. Store in a bag or in a jewelry box when not wearing.
5, from time to time to clean the jewelry, use a silver cloth to gently wipe or soft brush to brush the toothpaste to wipe the surface of the jewelry, and then wipe with a soft cloth.

***Brand Story***
One n Only is a combination of sisters who are passionate about design and love freedom and travel.
My sister's study of popular jewelry design began with basic metalworking skills. After graduation, she also worked as a designer for foreign jewellery companies and lived in the UK and the United States for more than a decade; she loves the confident fashion aesthetics of European and American women.
My sister loves freedom and travel, and in-depth experience of local life culture at every place. The service-oriented crowd has accumulated a lot of customer service experience and attitude.
The design of One n Only is the creation of one n Only's original and unique fashion jewellery, which is produced by every spark impact, just like the sister's personality and many cultural life accumulations.

One n Only hand-made light jewels love to use materials from the essence of nature and attention to each hand-crafted detail, infused into each piece of work, with original light accessories; designers have unique color matching techniques for color, right The use of materials is not overly modified. We use 100% love and enthusiasm to show One n Only's works in the most natural state with both fashion freshness and color beauty. Using color and gems to enhance women's most beautiful and unique fashion energy. .
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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