[Taiwan burdock handmade wooden comb] with comb (H)

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[Taiwan burdock handmade wooden comb] with comb (H) Burdock is a broad grade of wood in Taiwan.



[Taiwan burdock handmade wooden comb] with comb (H)


[Taiwan burdock handmade wooden comb] with comb (H) Burdock is a broad grade of wood in Taiwan. Burdock is widely distributed in Taiwan. It has a natural distribution from 200 meters to 2,000 meters. The early burdock is not valued. The largest one is used to extract the camphor oil, and a few are excellent materials for carving statues and ornaments. As less furniture, there is no reason for it, because the eucalyptus is easy to warp after being sliced and unstable. In the past few years, Taiwan’s unique burdock has grown its reputation as a “ruby in the forest”. This wild mushroom is parasitic on the hollow inner wall of the burdock and is known for its medical benefits. The precious Chinese herbal medicines, the price naturally rises, and the cases of stolen wood are endless, which is because the government of the burdock tree has long been unable to cut the legislation. This batch of wooden comb is not made of different yellow color of the previous burdock, the texture is harder, the color is darker and the color is darker, and the taste of the sand is stronger. The same from the old furniture plate, 4~5 cabinets were removed, only to find such a piece. When I came to use it as a comb, the aroma after cutting was very camphor. Unlike the common burdock, it was said that the oyster mushroom is like to pick the wood of this taste. Reference Material: Taiwan burdock Appearance size: indicated by a pencil, pencil length 19cm Length 1.5cm X width 1.5cm X height about 5.5~7cm Lengths ranging from 5.5cm to 7cm (random delivery) Taste: with aroma What the old things play is the overall beauty of the "taste." The timber removed from the old elm wooden house in Taiwan, the old material is stable enough, and the surface is used for traces. It also has the charm of old pieces, and it has a good time. The old wood will inevitably have nail holes or tiny cracks or potholes. The parts that are visible to the naked eye have been repaired and polished. The one that didn’t make up was to keep the old-fashioned taste of the original old pieces. Although the age is long, but the aroma is not reduced, the watch belt is weathered, and there are traces of nail holes and insects inside. The price is a single price, and it is shipped randomly. The above recipients can sub-subscribe, or ask questions first, thank you. Use and maintenance methods: Wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water, do not use any detergent, the wood will suck in. Drain the excess water with a cloth and let it dry in the shade. It can be maintained on the tasteless Vaseline, and the woody taste will be dissipated from the surface of the log over time. Slowly fade, it is normal. Hardwoods 1st Class: Wuxin Stone Formazan Michelia Taiwan Elm (chicken oil) Taiwan Zelkova Taiwan banyan tree (檫木) Taiwan Sasafras Burdock Stout Camphor Tree Pistacia (Rotten Heartwood, Elm) Chinese Pistachios


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