Ace dark purple hot stamping wedding invitation PP original

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PP WEDDING original wedding invitation style, the picture is upgraded dark purple card paper and double-sided bronzing, the quality is not comparable to the ordinary pearl card, it is a foreign dyed card paper, the paper surface has a velvet feel, it is very noble after bronzing! Over 160 design choices! Hong Kong has been working hard for many years, physic


Ace dark purple hot stamping wedding invitation PP original


**Want a different invitation for friends and family? Take a look at the unique design of our PP WEDDING wedding invitations!** **Hongkong over 1,000 feet wedding invitation store, operating for six years, confidence guaranteed!** The design retains the traditional characteristics, but also incorporates Western elements. The wedding invitations are printed by Hong Kong designers and locals, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed! The work has been reported by major wedding media: Cosmopolitan Bride / Harper's BAZAAR BRIDE / Elle Bride / Bride and Breakfast HK / Wedding Life Easy / Flower Wedding / New Wedding Newsletter, etc. Self-selected fixed style wedding invitation introduction: (This model uses foreign paper dark purple card, the paper has a little suede, it is very noble!) . There are more than 160 styles to choose from. All designs are originally designed by PP WEDDING. For more styles, please contact us . Wedding invitations are existing styles, cannot be designed according to customer requirements, and can only be modified to a limited extent, such as colors or characters (please contact customer service for information) Price (the following is the Hong Kong pricing, the exchange rate of Taiwanese currency is about 1: 3.9, depending on the international exchange rate) . 100 sheets: $ 3,900 hkd . 200 sheets: $ 5,300 hkd . 300 sheets: $ 6,100 hkd (Notice that the price does not include the benefit seal, the LOGO is provided to the guests, and it is the existing money) (Every wedding invitation includes the design, printing, and upgrade of the wine red card double-sided bronzing, the price of the envelope and the sticker) . The minimum price for wedding invitations is 50, the price is 50, the more the quantity, the cheaper the price, the quantity can be 1 unit, please contact the customer for the actual price . Envelopes come with red, rice gold and copper, pink and pink blue, upgrade the ancient steel envelope to upgrade $ 5 one, the envelope color can be mixed (all envelopes are designed and printed by themselves, Western-style V Cut design, not Taobao existing envelopes) . Wedding invitation size 115X165MM, envelope 125X175MM, size cannot be changed (Every wedding invitation already includes the price of design, printing, envelope and sticker) Production process: . After placing the deposit, guests need to fill in the information for design . Design time is 20 working days (calculated from Monday to Friday) . After the manuscript is completed, JPG verification text will be provided . If there is any modification, it is usually completed within 2 days, and the maximum modification is 4 times . After the manuscript is finalized, the printing time is about 6-8 working days, if you need bronzing, 2-3 more working days Precautions: * All wedding photo albums, photos and objects will have color differences, and cannot be used as a reason for return * If there is a problem, please communicate well before fulfilling the order Look! Real shot The strongest fantasy wedding invitation combination! Is it good for parents to feel chilled? 40 seconds, subvert the traditional wedding invitation design! Invitation Card. made for you PP WEDDING wedding invitation


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