Devil felt big head shoes||Tomorrow to the zoo picnic little raccoon||

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画儿#8092||Devil felt heads shoes go to the zoo picnic raccoon tomorrow||


Devil felt big head shoes||Tomorrow to the zoo picnic little raccoon||


Devil felt shoes pre-ordered to open the group Pre-order date 10/16~10/21 at 10:30 pm Fifteen pairs of open groups succeeded! Shipped in mid-November! Price 3680, black and white / beige Size 35~40, normal version Quickly play the power of office workers The opposite director of the next door, buy it all The last time you hated people! The second chance for you can no longer miss! Every time I see the clerk wearing it, I will take it home now! ! 画儿#8092||Devil felt heads shoes go to the zoo picnic raccoon tomorrow|| If you like it too Lovely for platform shoes The uniqueness of the big shoes Good texture of the leather Bright double color Come take a pair Go out and enjoy the admiration of passersby The shoes are more beautiful than the photos. Size limited sale out of print \\ fabric top layer cowhide \\ foot foot breathable leather \\Neri permeable porcupine \\ Thick bottom is about 3 cm high \\ version of normal hoe comfort _________________________________________ Size inventory updated daily It is recommended to write a letter to ask for more accurate size inventory. Provide actual foot length and width to give you more correct size recommendations The color of the saturated inner lining leather is different from the water vapor (rainy sweat). Please pay attention to the dark socks to avoid dyeing the feet. The new shoes a short time before the short-term wear, such as wearing a bean flower or walking indoors to wait for the body temperature to soften the leather and then wear it out to scare !When the leather meets the water, please remember to dry it naturally, such as blowing a fan or placing a cool and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure or hot air blowing. Remind that footwear products should be worn regularly. If left standing for a long time, it may accelerate the oxidation of the adhesive and cause the bottom to fall off. The more natural the leather is, the smaller it is. ! If the upper leather has uneven color, we like the distressed retro effect. It is normal for the master to manually wipe the color. =========================================== The shoes are all designed by myself. Comfortable and breathable leather inside and out Each series adheres to a very small amount (ten to twenty pairs) Don't worry about hitting shoes everywhere I really recommend it to you who love you differently. Because each shoe version is different Size is also slightly different Please write to us first. We will also give size recommendations for your foot type. Please contact us to confirm if there is any stock and then place an order.


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