【TAB】 Wood texture phone case (Geometry Series) / Customized / Wen Chuang / solid wood / wood / wood / hand made / laser engraving / iPhone phone shell / wedding small objects

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【TAB】 Wood texture phone case (Geometry Series) / Customized / Wen Chuang / solid wood / wood / wood / hand made / laser engraving / iPhone phone shell / wedding small objects


**▍ want to have their own unique pattern phone shell? Welcome to provide pictures to discuss with us Oh!**
**麻 trouble before placing an order to confirm the "average number of days waiting for the production" is acceptable!**
**▍ If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact us directly!**

【Product Description】
Cover the cell phone with the warmth of solid wood, through the production of precision machinery and fine grinding by hand, to experience the texture and meticulosity of wood and craft in your hand. Design simple geometry and repeat the stack, we want to create a pure beauty, and to share with everyone.

【Product Description】
Imported American cherry
High velvet lining to prevent the phone from being scratched
CNC precision machining, laser processing, manual grinding
Applicable models: iPhone5 / 5s / SE, iPhone6 / 6s, iPhone6 Plus / 6s Plus, iPhone7 / 8, iPhone7 Plus / 8 Plus, iPhone X




Imports of American cherry wood for the advanced timber, mainly in the eastern part of the United States in Canada in some areas. Cherry heartwood color from red to reddish brown, sapwood was milky white. Cherry wood texture is fine, good polish, coating effect is good, suitable for advanced household items, medium strength, impact resistance load.

Custom Services
We use the latest digital technology - laser engraving to provide consumers create their own items and gifts. According to the graphic specification and contact us to customize the content, we will first draw a simulation map, confirm before making.

**step1: select the pattern style**
**step2: pick the font**

* Due to the cutting direction of each piece of wooden goods and cutting position, if the product color precipitation, color or rough phenomenon, are normal.
* We pick the best wood parts, each solid wood shell has a unique wood grain, can not make each solid wood grain lines exactly the same, can not be asked to return the problem due to wood.
* Unlike solid wood shell plastic shell is not bad, accidentally fell may lead to solid wood shell rupture and other issues, it can be said that the sacrifice of solid wood shell in exchange for cell phone health. To make the solid wood shell can be used longer, it is recommended not to throw the phone when placed to avoid cracking.
* Solid wood shell than the average thickness of the plastic shell, when used volume keys and open the key than the thin plastic shell convenient, but familiar to get started.
*** This product has been tested will not cause damage to the full version of the glass stickers and envelopes, but not for the full version of the glass paste is too thick and the envelope can not be guaranteed.**
*** The holes in this product are designed according to the original earphone and charging cable. Non-original earphone and charging cable users should pay attention to the discrepancy of the hole.**
*** Lens glass protectors may cause the phone can not be properly loaded into the product, need to consider the next discretion.**
*** Laser Engraving is manually positioned and calibrated, with the possibility of error within 2mm of the text or image.**
*** Allows us to use drawings or finished products for advertising and other purposes, but not for commercial sale other than the parties themselves.**
*** This product is customized products, will not accept the return.**

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Taiwan