【Qmat-MIT】 Yoga / Sports Slippers Feet Drag Introverted Black / Black Gray POE Material Men And Women

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➢ Slippers are both stylish and casual ➢ Has the soft and tough characteristics of yoga mat ➢Refuse to give the opportunity to grind your feet again ➢ Slippers can also be worn in sports and give your toes a big mouth breath ➢ It is suitable for both movements and statics ➢ A variety of colors, a pair of ootd a day ➢ Produced by MIT design, new products ever



【Qmat-MIT】 Yoga / Sports Slippers Feet Drag Introverted Black / Black Gray POE Material Men And Women


We are QMAT, Although it has not been established for a long time, it is already an old soul brand with sophisticated technology and experience. Keeping the thinking of keeping pace with the times, we embrace innovation, Regardless of the threat posed by traditional industries, it is regarded as an opportunity, Continue to give new stimulation and learning, so that we continue to improve and transform technology. Our profession is no longer just OEM foam plastic products, But to create your own brand and surrounding products, In the future, let everyone have their own yoga mats, their own rollers, and their own sports slippers at home! ►Product color: black / black gray ►Features: [The result of each shoe sole is different due to the mysterious chemical reaction] ►Product version: men's and women's shoes version [smaller; it is recommended to choose the size of the foot length and width] ►Introduction of product ingredients: ➔ Shoe ears: POE material (tough and elastic, to avoid grinding the feet) ➔ Upper: The latest knotting technology uses yoga mat POE material (color rendering effect makes each product look like a piece of art) ➔ Sole: 50% recycled materials and environmentally friendly materials-use EPR production (excellent anti-slip properties) ►Made in: Taiwan Design, Made in Taiwan ►Product features: light and comfortable, no bite, no seam grinding, super breathable, good anti-slip, strong grip, waterproof ►Product use: suitable for general outdoor leisure slippers, home indoor slippers ► Product cleaning: 100% can be cleaned with water ►Delivery instructions: Chaoshang pure pickup / payment pickup can only send 1-6 pairs of shoes. --- ※※ Description of shipping to overseas ※※ Dear overseas customer, you need to use [carton] as the packaging for sending international parcels. In order to ensure that the goods can be delivered to you in a complete and safe way, the quantity of the purchased goods will determine the [carton size] volume and [last weight] , The two are the standards for freight estimation, you can refer to the following examples: (1) Purchase a single folding pad / yoga pad / sports mat, and the shipping fee is between HK $ 90- $ 93. (2) The purchase of two folding mats, the shipping fee is between HK $ 140- $ 150. (3) Purchase two yoga mats / sports mats, and the shipping fee is between HK $ 170- $ 180. (4) Purchase a single roller, the size is between 33cm-50cm, and the shipping fee is about HK $ 65- $ 85. Additional notes: 〈1〉 If the address is a remote area or difficult point where the freight is clearly defined, it will be determined by the local freight charges. <2> In order to maintain the integrity and safety of the merchandise when it is sent, the carton is no longer cut to maintain the structural integrity of the carton. Instead, it is replaced by a crash-proof packaging material or a fixed product in the box.


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