Goody Bag-Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle 3 Pack

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▋ Fragrance Forest-Natural Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle Blessing Bag Combination: Cute illustration with three into glass soy candle blessing bag, using real pure essential oils to scent, elegant aroma


Goody Bag-Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle 3 Pack


▋Scented Forest-Natural Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle-Natural Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle 3 Pack Special Notice for Good Value ➤------------------------------------- Cotton sachets for scented candles, due to large orders during the Spring Festival, the factory has no time to replenish QQ As a compensation, now when you order a candle, you will receive a super cute-oil alphabet handmade soap as a premium gift 呦 :) Waiting for the small cloth bag to be replenished, this good health will not pull! Those who like candles and handmade soaps, please hurry up to place an order! XD PS: The gift essential oil letter soap is a random scent, the market price is NT $ 90 (it is also possible to get a hidden limited edition Europe that is not on the market!) PS: One order free of one handmade soap / three candles for one order (so it seems the most cost-effective to buy three candles 呦 XD) ---------------------------------------------- ---- No fragrance, no color. Only the light and elegant aroma of pure essential oils. Simple and pure, happy elegant and relaxing Use US imported soybean wax, shea butter, as the base of candles With cotton candle core, so no black smoke is generated Do n’t worry if you have kids, pets, or the elderly Use real pure essential oils for fragrance, elegant fragrance, no fragrance ingredients People with allergic nose can also use it with peace of mind 呦 --------------------------------------------- ▋Natural Essential Oil Soy Candle-Natural Essential Oil Soy Scented Candle-A total of 11 styles to choose from 3 into the lucky bag combination ▶ Including gift box packaging, candles can be selected 3 (order note to us 呦) ▍ Sweet Orange Grapefruit A total of 2 pure essential oils are used for preparation: sweet orange essential oil, pink grapefruit essential oil Sweet oranges and grapefruits are essential oils that make people feel full of vitality and happiness, sweeping away the easily depressed mood. ▍Rose Geranium A total of 3 pure essential oils were used for the preparation: rose geranium essential oil, damascus rose essential oil, rose grass essential oil Rose pelargonium is a pelargonium essential oil similar to the scent of roses, but with a little vanilla character, direct and warm, like an innocent girl. Bergamot mint A total of 2 pure essential oils are used for preparation: bergamot essential oil, peppermint essential oil Bergamot is an elegant and delicate citrus fragrance, like the unique aroma of Earl Grey Tea. Paired with refreshing mint oil, it is a comfortable fragrance that makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. ▍French lavender A total of 3 pure essential oils are used for the preparation: Alpine Lavender, Real Lavender, Stunning Lavender There is a warm atmosphere of lavender fields, like the news of Provence, France brought by the breeze in the distance ▍ Fresh Verbena A total of 3 pure essential oils were used for the preparation: verbena oil, pink grapefruit oil, sweet orange oil Elegant and individual verbena, with a little bit of sweet and sour grapefruit and orange, making the smell softer and more pleasant ▍Northern Forest A total of 6 pure essential oils are used for the preparation: Siberian cold shirt, blue eucalyptus eucalyptus, tea tree, grapefruit, alpine lavender, peppermint There is a fresh breath of the cold mountain, the fendo fine of the cold zone, so that the whole person's head is awake Tochigi Forest A total of 2 pure essential oils are used for modulation: Sassafras essential oil, real lavender essential oil Like the green mountains of Taiwan, with the woody and grassy atmosphere of a warm forest ▍ Lemon Eucalyptus This scented candle is made with Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil. Mild and fresh leaf aroma with a touch of lemon scent In addition to the unique herbal aroma, it also has a good anti-mosquito effect. ▍ Roman chamomile A total of 2 pure essential oils were used for the preparation: Roman chamomile essential oil, German chamomile essential oil ▍Rosemary Cedar A total of 4 pure essential oils are used for the preparation: rosemary essential oil, Himalaya cedar essential oil, real lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil ▍White Musk Flower This scented candle is blended with white musk essential oil. ▋Details: -Each burning, try to keep it for more than 1 hour, so that the wax oil burns evenly and evenly -Scented with pure natural essential oils, so the aroma may be lighter than the candles on the market [Content] 70g ± 5g soybean candle + cotton packing bag [Ingredients] soybean wax, shea butter, pure essential oil [Essential Oils] Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Damascus Rose Essential Oil, Rose Grass Essential Oil [Applicable] Xiaoping number space is about 1-2 tsubo [Size] bottle size: 5cm in diameter x 6.5cm in height [Time] continuous burning for about 12 hours [Storage] Unopened can be stored for five years. Please keep in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight. [Manufacturing] Taiwan ------------------------------------------- Scented candle series-peace of mind declaration: O-Blended with Pure Essential Oil and Soy Wax X-Free of artificial flavors and artificial fragrances X-Phosphate Free X-Nitro Musk Free X-no chemicals X-environmental hormones not included X-Contains no scent or setting ingredients that are harmful to the environment, the human body, or animals ------------------------------------------- Small candle Convenient Portable Soy Oil Candle-Small Candle There are 11 models like natural soy essential oil candles 👉Buy here👉 ------------------------------------------- ▋About offers: There are several ways to get discount coupons for Fragrance Forest :) [1] Follow us Follow us and there will be mysterious coupons! [2] Leave a review Leave a review after purchase, there are usually mysterious offers too! [3] Click the link to register as a Pinkoi member If you haven't joined Pinkoi yet, you can click the link below to join the membership 呦! You can immediately get a hot NT30 coupon! --------------------------------------------- ▋About shipping: From Monday to Friday, orders confirmed before 12 noon will be sent in the afternoon of the same day. Orders received in the afternoon will be shipped the next day (will be postponed when encountering a normal holiday), please refer to the following information for the arrival time. > General Mail: Arrive in 2-3 days > Super pick up: arrive in 2-3 days --------------------------------------------- We will also launch new fragrances one after another ... So please follow us :)


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