Hi Taiwan Classic Cap - Grey

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Hi Taiwan [turned 90 degrees and became Taiwan] All the goods are flipped, mirrored, and reversed by text, creating unlimited imagination and magical taste; each item has its uniqueness and limited value, and the inverted text is transmitted through the go


Hi Taiwan Classic Cap - Grey


Hi Taiwan [turned 90 degrees and became Taiwan] In the past 40 years, Taiwan’s economy has taken off. Taiwan has gone through poverty, passing through, moving through, and moving to the world. Taiwan’s initial pursuit of a better life remains unchanged. Even in the era of the Internet and the world’s rapid development, Taiwan Bravely walk out a different path from the world, Strive to continue upwards, I am proud to tell Hi Taiwan to the world. The Hi Taiwan classic cap is made of 100% soft brushed cotton fabric. In the spinning project, the long-fiber treatment is used. The process is more labor-intensive than the combed cotton fabric. The comber is used to remove the short fibers below 1CM. Long and tidy long fiber, so it can be spun out of finer and softer quality yarns, plus a contrasting color to decorate the hat, including three contrasting hats, hat eyes and top buttons for contrasting detailing. The hat is softer and more comfortable, and it is not easy to pilling, and it can prevent shrinkage and make the hand feel more comfortable. The classic low hat cap is never out of date, elegant, soft and not overly emphasizing the structured appearance, so that fashion players and beginners can't put it down, soft. The cap is paired with an adjustable devil felt strap to create a new fashion hat that is both eye-catching and comfortable, adding to its sophisticated sophistication and is one of the best choices for a high-quality hat. The hat material is made of more expensive 100% soft brushed cotton fabric, low hat, curved hat, ancient style, paired upper and lower hats, and exquisite Hi Taiwan graphic convex embroidery, let you wear all day long Activities, sweat soaking, can also completely relax the head, soft and breathable, top skin-friendly. [origin and material] • Origin: Taiwan • Material: 100% Cotton • Version: F • Construction method: convex embroidery [Notes and washing methods] • Do not use soft soaking, bleaching, fluorescent brighteners and hat softeners to avoid damaging the hat fabric. • Do not wash to avoid hat dyeing; please weaken lightly and dehydrate, do not dry, so as not to shrink the cap. • Do not iron or dry clean to avoid damaging the hat fabric.


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