Lovely light Lovely Bunny Night Light | Birthday Gift with Gift Wrap

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◆ The round healing shape, soft and comfortable touch, give you the warm luminous glow you need at any time! ◆ LED lights with two color temperatures, warm yellow light and warm white light, and three brightness levels can be adjusted! ◆ The lampshade is m


Lovely light Lovely Bunny Night Light | Birthday Gift with Gift Wrap


● 🚚 Monday to Friday, 3 days before checkout ● 📦 Free shipping on orders over $ 690 | ideamonster Dress Up Ideas | Valentine's gift, birthday gift, there is no reason to want to send a gift, we have prepared it for you! In addition to the products that are usually loved, under the exclusive and exquisite packaging makeup, they are easily transformed into happy gifts. Load your heart with all your heart and dedication to her and her most important. / Gift packing instructions / Attach our well-designed blessing card and write down what you want to say to the other party. Writing on the back, card size 8cm X 8cm. (The card can choose the style or tell us who you want to gift) | Product description | ▲▲▲ ideamonster Healing Bunny Night Light ▲▲▲ The round healing shape, soft and comfortable touch, gives you the warm luminous glow you need at any time! Heal your heart for those who love life ~ "Give you the healing night light you need, Everyday Amazing" And bring "fawn deer" together ~ Order store➡ | Details | Cute shape, soft material, feel Q Q is good for healing. The rechargeable way allows the cute little rabbit night light to move at any time, whether it is a sleeping night light, a camping light, a healing decoration light, etc., it is very suitable! And the warm and soft light is also very suitable for the night light of the little baby at home or the nursing (diaper changing) light in the middle of the night! Built-in two color temperature light sources (warm yellow light and warm white light). Press and hold for three seconds to switch the light mode. The internal light uses LEDs to save power and have a long service life. Three-stage light brightness adjustment, you can adjust the required light brightness with one click. The interior uses double-layer filter design, and the light is soft and not dazzling. The built-in 900mAh lithium polymer battery can be used continuously for up to 10HR, which is very practical whether you go out or change the position of the night light at will. The USB, which is generally very common, can be used to power or charge. | Product Specifications | Dimensions: 13.5cm X 9.5cm X 9.5cm Weight: 145g Materials: Non-toxic silicone, LED light emitting diode, ABS plastic Battery Capacity: 900mAh lithium polymer battery Working time: 4 ~ 10 hours Product warranty: 12 months | ideamonster care + | 12-month free replacement service for non-artificial damage


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