[Lushen ‧ Artemis] (Serious woman preferred) faceted water droplets crystal asymmetric moon earrings

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Inspired by the mythology of Greek mythology - Artemis, the beauty of the moon is clear and dusty, such as crystal clear and exquisite, but also like pearls.妳 妳 强 自信 , , , , , 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳 妳



[Lushen ‧ Artemis] (Serious woman preferred) faceted water droplets crystal asymmetric moon earrings


Each item comes with a gift wrap, and you can also purchase a brand-quality hot silver portable paper bag, suitable for gifts and collections. **➤Material and size ** - Dimensions: The length is about 8 cm (this paragraph is normal for each length of the production, and you can also note the desired length) -Material: Swarovski light silver blue cut surface crystal, Turkish blue color small crystal, light blue magic crystal pearl, anti-allergic sterling silver with diamond ear hook, can change the painless belt ear clip. -Color: Light silver blue cut surface crystal with light blue crystal pearl, lavender amethyst pearl, if you want to match other colors, welcome to order - Weight: Light and unburdened -Features: Unique asymmetrical design, the combination of moon elements and crystals is beautiful and elegant yet elegant - anti-allergy: yes - Wear occasions: dinner, party, date, travel vacation, stage performance **Dedicated to a woman who does not collude with the world ** - Lightweight, unburdened weight, unique asymmetrical design - The moon element is perfectly matched with crystal and crystal pearls, but it has a sense of design but not too much - Cleverly blending different levels of blue in the merchandise, elegant and classic - Anti-allergic materials for ear hooks, ear clips with intimate cushions, all with drills - You can wear it without a pierced ear - Do not retreat from the popular design, so that you can’t get bored - Exquisite high-grade packaging, can be purchased with exquisite hand-made paper bags - Have a perfect after-sales warranty, buy happy and peace of mind **➤About Luna | Artemis | Artemis ** Silver moonlight scatters on the earth, quiet mountain lakeside, A touch of Qiang dances on the soft grass alone. The beautiful moon god has its own ideas, Proud and confident, not worldly, Just as your own incarnation is changeable and unique, Moonlight is faint, illuminating the front, That is the fate of the destiny that she set for herself in this world. **➤ Production and delivery information ** - Production time: 5-10 days - Estimated delivery days: 3-5 days - Logistics used: 711/All over the store to the store, the post office to the home **➤ Maintenance method ** - Please try to keep the jewelry dry to maintain the longer life of each piece. - Chemical substances such as sweat and moist perfume, and excessive exposure to the air, is the biggest enemy of jewelry! - Do not wear sports hot spring baths, etc. Please store them neatly in the bag and squeeze out the air, or in the storage box to avoid collision. - The fingerprint of the crystal body may appear normal after a long-term touch on the hand. Wipe it gently with a dry glasses cloth. **➤Return instructions ** Jewelry is a personal hygiene item. In addition to the new product, the wrong item or the damage in the delivery, the product will not be returned.


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