Genuine leather ID card holder card holder identification card holder induction card ID CARD

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Detailed processing method, can be matched with single color and two colors, one card can be placed on the front and back, please remember to note the color of the leather after placing the order *Suitable ID size is credit card 8.5*5.4 cm size. <Please note before ordering>



Genuine leather ID card holder card holder identification card holder induction card ID CARD


* Please remember to note the color of leather after placing the order * Neck lanyards are currently only available in black and primary colors. These two colors are all versatile colors. Friends who are prone to sweating or running outdoors recommend the primary color of the lanyard! * The height of the demonstration model is 176 cm. If the length of the lanyard is too short, you can order a longer version or connect it with a telescopic ring. // Materials // * Important 1 * Sun Leather is made of natural vegetable tanned cowhide, and the surface of the natural leather surface of the cowhide is not waterproof coated. If you touch the water, the skin surface will absorb water marks. If your nails are pressed hard, there will be finger marks. The above are all normal use marks. If you do n’t like this phenomenon, you can choose synthetic skin or have a processed coating on the surface. The leather (EX. Cross pattern, litchi pattern, twill pattern). * Important 2 * In addition to the original color of the cowhide, all other color systems are dyed through. It is normal to rub it or rub it into contact with too much moisture or moisture. * The characteristics of European vegetable tanned cowhide vegetable tanned leather are used. After the leather is tanned and fattened, the fiber structure is firm, the extensibility is small, the moldability is good, the plump and elastic, no greasy feeling, the grain of the leather, the suede is shiny, Vegetable tanned leather does not contain substances harmful to the human body, and can be in direct contact with the skin. * The hardware is made of alloy and brass //Standard sizes// Work size: ID cover 6.5 x 11 x 0.4 cm Telescopic ring length: 8 cm The full length of the neck lanyard is about 85 cm, and the width is 0.6 cm // select color // //brand// Additional branding (+50) can be purchased in a single line with 10 characters or less, including symbol spaces //package// Caring for the earth, mainly in environmentally friendly paper bags and carton packaging, if you need to give gifts, you can purchase a gift box packaging group //Precautions// * Leather leather is a natural product. Scars, growth lines, blood vessels or color shades are all natural phenomena and non-defects. The production process will avoid the cracks or holes in the leather surface. * Customized sizes or branded products are not accepted for return! // Maintenance method // * Leather: The best maintenance method is to use it frequently. The characteristics of natural leather can make the leather look smooth and bright under frequent use, and it is not easy to mold. If it is not used frequently, please put it in a cool and ventilated place, use leather care oil or mink oil for about 3-6 months, wipe it with cotton cloth and draw a thin layer with a circular circle. * Brass: Brass will oxidize and turn black due to contact with air, sweat, etc., but the brass will not fade. You can wipe it with a soft cloth and copper oil to restore gloss. // Place of origin & manufacturing methods // ․ Made in Taiwan & handmade


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