Jay and Silent Bob - Deep Heather Gray - neutral T-shirt

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Jay and Silent Bob - Deep Heather Gray - neutral T-shirt


[ViewFinder Design Hall was full $ 1500 to enjoy the full Taiwan Free shipping] "Zombies in my backyard" as a series, "15 bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand. If that money does not show then you owe me owe me owe!" About the artist [x] in the past in the future any more useless Illustrator, cartoonist and amateur musician, sometimes doing animation music video shoot, who is also the band "joyful science" mastermind, graduated from London's Central Saint Martins MA Communication Design, inspired by the male-female relationships, music, comics, movies, and fiction, and self-published comic book and graphic publications. [About] ViewFinder find the same self-awareness T-shirt ViewFinder = camera's viewfinder Through the viewfinder, vision becomes more focused, able to see the good things that truly Zhidezhuyi. Believe in, if one thing can make you constantly, that thing sure makes sense; whether it is art, independent music, cultural environment, social issues, we should focus on care, in fact, there are many, many, embracing these concepts, and the idea of conflict, so that people have never met intersection. We want to be a beginning, from a map and a T-shirt, saw a story, a view, a manifestation of the will, and the artist's ongoing focus on hospitality, we strive T-shirt who gives more value, so ViewFinder T-shirt with the market there are different some more of. 【Product Information】 U.S. cotton T-shirts using the fabric, washing with water vapor at high temperature, short fiber removing impurities complex processes, and so prevent glycidyl feel more comfortable, and washed with normal wear, collar and clothing and body shape and not loose. Ink jet printing a digital image acquisition, and full use of green ink, due to increased color fastness, the treating agent is a weak acid, if a slight taste is normal, as long as the water washing or day can be removed in a ventilated area. ViewFinder T-shirt custom proprietary manner, after careful quality inspection and packaging, 5-14 business days (excluding 6) shipping, if some of the goods in stock, the label on the product specifications, stock trade 2 days (excluding 6) shipments; a single unified delivery time and customized orders such as those containing physical commodity at the same time, ordered goods will arrive. [Size, size, size] ► neutral version Adult - no waist straight version (unit: cm) XS: 38 shoulder / chest width 43 / Length 63 / Sleeve 19 / 50kg of body weight or less is recommended S: Shoulder 41 / chest width 46 / Length 66 / Sleeve 19 / recommendations weight 50-60kg M: Shoulder 44 / chest width 49 / Length 69 / Sleeve 21 / recommendations weight 60-70kg L: 47 shoulder / chest width 52 / Length 72 / Sleeve 21 / recommendations weight 70-80kg XL: 50 shoulder / chest width 55 / Length 74 / Sleeve 22 / recommendations weight 80-90kg 2XL: 53 shoulder / chest width 57 / Length 76 / Sleeve 22 / body weight of 90kg-100kg recommendations 3XL: 54 shoulder / chest width 58 / Length 79 / Sleeve 22 / 100kg body weight or more recommendations ► female version Ladies - micro-waist version (unit: cm) S: Shoulder 32 / chest width 39 / Length 59 / Sleeve 14 / 45kg of body weight or less is recommended M: Shoulder 35 / chest width 42 / Length 61 / Sleeve 14 / recommendations weight 45-48kg L: 36 shoulder / chest width 45 / Length 64 / Sleeve 16 / recommendations weight 48-50kg XL: 38 shoulder / chest width 48 / Length 66 / Sleeve 17 / 50kg body weight or more recommendations ► Children Version Youth - Unit (unit: cm) Children 110: 27 shoulder / chest width 32 / Length 44 / Sleeve 11.5 Children 120: 31 shoulder / chest width 35 / Length 47 / Sleeve 12 Children 130: 33 shoulder / chest width 37 / Length 50 / Sleeve 12.5 Children 140: 35 shoulder / chest width 40 / Length 53 / Sleeve 14 Children 150: 36 shoulder / chest width 42 / Length 57 / Sleeve 14.5 None waist neutral Edition version, female version of Slim waist, because the elastic cloth, the error value within about plus or minus 2cm normal range, does not belong to defects. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Design & Printing / Customizable


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