Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Object / Qiongya Begonia / Custom English Name / Illustration Edition

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Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Gift, special plastic-free packaging, paper bag with sewn edge seal. On a happy day, share a green lifestyle.


Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Object / Qiongya Begonia / Custom English Name / Illustration Edition


[Reminder] The contents of this product are seeds and can only be sold in China. Want to give guests a special memorial, but don't want to increase the burden on the environment? Our seed wedding small things series, specially selected Taiwan's native plant seeds, To make plants closer to people ’s lives, Each small sapling that is successfully cultivated will make the air better, less dusty, and more pleasant. This product is completely plastic-free from the inside out. Even if accidentally dropped on the ground, all ingredients can be naturally decomposed without causing pollution. Plant Happiness Seed Wedding Tiny, Special plastic-free packaging, using paper bags sealed by sewing, with botanical illustrations drawn by designers. The content is Qiongya begonia seeds, On a happy day, share a green attitude to life. The light yellow packaging echoes the color of Qiongya Begonia. Qiongya Begonia: distributed all over the world, there is a saying that native to Taiwan, wood is dense and strong. According to archeologist Peter. Peter Bellwood and the linguist Robert Blust's "out of Taiwan" hypothesis that about 400 million people currently use the Austronesian language originated in Taiwan. In prehistoric times, the Austronesian made ships out of the wood of Qiongya Begonia. More than 4,000 years ago, as some Austronesians left Taiwan and sailed to the Philippines, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Oceania, Qiongya Begonia was also distributed to these places. The leaves of Qiongya Begonia Noodles are resistant to salt and wind, making them an excellent tree species for coastal windbreaks. In Tahiti, because the entire tree of Qiongya Begonia can be used for medicinal purposes, its white nut-refined Qiongya Begonia oil (Tamanu Oil) has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and itching functions, and is called sacred tree by locals. The English name and wedding date of the couple can be printed on the front. When ordering, please note the name and date you want to print. See here for eggplant seeds: Seeds of thick leaf grouper: Seed paper red version: Seed paper blue green version: Concise plant description on the back, There is also a QR code. After scanning, you can see the seed planting instruction webpage we have organized. Packaging text and planting instructions are in English and Chinese. Carefully selected non-plastic and organic materials: -Sewing paper bags are used for packaging, no adhesive is used at all (the plastic sheet on the back of double-sided tape is not consumed when making) -Using Scanfil Organic Cotton -Taiwan native plant seeds: 2 Qiongya begonia seeds per package. The harvest date of the seeds in the product picture is a schematic, and the harvest date of each batch of seeds will be different. ps will add photos of seeds in a while! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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