PLAStudio - Corn Eco Cup - ECO CAN-Keep Cool Limited Edition

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~ Extracted from plant starch ~ I'm not plastic ~ No plasticizer, no bisphenol A, no environmental hormone, no heavy



PLAStudio - Corn Eco Cup - ECO CAN-Keep Cool Limited Edition

商品説明 ♥Product Introduction ~ Extracted from plant starch ~ I'm not plastic ~ No plasticizer, no bisphenol A, no environmental hormone, no heavy metal ~ Biodegradable Materials ~ Reusable ~ Not Disposable Products 安全 Safe, non-toxic, microwaveable ~ discarded will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. 双 Double-layer design, suitable for hot and cold, heat resistance from -20°C to +110°C~ Material introduction This product uses PLA (polylactic acid) natural environmental protection material, which is derived from the extract of natural plant starch. PLA has similar physical properties as petrochemical plastics but no negative characteristics of petrochemical plastics. It will not be toxic due to heating during use. Substances, which are currently recognized as the best substitutes for plastics, are very suitable for use in food contact products or children's products. It has been confirmed that its carbon footprint is only 40% of petrochemical plastics, and the energy demand for production is only 50% of petrochemical plastics. In a suitable environment, 100% biodegradable properties can be achieved without secondary environmental pollution. ♥How to use Press the button and the ring will spring up. ~ It's as easy as opening an easy jar. ~ Reusable, reduce the amount of disposable paper cup ~ ~ German iF Design Award ~ ~ Taiwan - Golden Dot Award - ♥Use cautions ! Use soft sponge for cleaning, with neutral detergent ! If microwave heating is required, remove the cover Microwave heating temperature setting, do not exceed 750W, 3 minutes Do not put it directly to your mouth after drinking, there may be burns Do not place hot beverages above 90°C to avoid burns during drinking ! Pull up the lid pull ring/rotate and open the lid for direct drinking ! Made of natural materials, used in a rapid temperature difference, product decomposition in advance ! Due to the natural material, if the appearance has changed significantly, please purchase new products instead Cannot be used for oven and electric cooker cooking ! Brittleness will increase after freezing. Dropping to the ground or hitting hard may cause cracking. Please use it with caution. This product is not thermos When using hot drinks, it is natural to have a slight warmth ! Computer screen will produce color difference, the color is based on the actual product Fast arrival is the next day after payment can be shipped, delivered by home delivery, courier or mail parcel. Outside of Taiwan can not provide this service ♥ Product Specifications: . Size: diameter / 7.2 cm, height / 18.5 cm . Specifications: 420 ml . Material: Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) . Heat resistance: -20 to +110 degrees c . Design: Taiwan . Origin: Taiwan ♥ Brand introduction: Coke cans ~ Eco Can ~; I'm not Plastic ~ I am not plastic ~ Unlike general materials, PLA is more difficult to design. PLA is not plastic, but it has a light and changeable plastic; environmental protection materials, but there is no simple monotony of environmental protection products. A variety of Pantone colors line up, stylish and avant-garde. Not only can it be reused, but it is also suitable for hot and cold drinks. It has a double-layer structure for heat preservation, can be used for microwaves, and is also suitable for dishwashers. Corn material from plants, 100% biodegradable compost into the earth, who would expect that the cola can grow into corn one day. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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