Two-in-one pacifier clip │ pacifier dust cover + pacifier chain::: animals without face

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The nipple boot + pacifier chain is suitable for out-of-the-box use; the dust cover can be used as a storage bag in addition to dustproof, and the pacifier chain can be used to buckle the nipple without worrying about the drop and the situation that can



Two-in-one pacifier clip │ pacifier dust cover + pacifier chain::: animals without face


Baby's favorite pacifier, always worried about accidentally falling to the ground, We made a zipper for it and buckled it around for easy access; We made a dust-proof storage bag for it, which reduces the dustiness of the batt and is easy to store. It can be cleaned every day. It is recommended to dry it by hand and iron it. **↟↟↟ There are two types of long chain and short chain ↟↟↟** 奶 pacifier boot + long pacifier chain NT.275 奶 nipple boot + short pacifier chain NT.250 🎀 The pacifier chain is suitable for vanilla pacifiers and other branded nipples, or for solid teeth, handbells, toys, etc. 适合 Suitable for gift giving or personal use. **| Materials and Dimensions |** [Pacifier dust cover] 12.5cm × 11cm, table cloth / Taiwan cotton linen, lining / Taiwan cotton. [Long version of the pacifier chain] two-stage adjustment length, the longest (including nipple clip) about 22cm, the shortest about 20cm, table cloth / Taiwan cotton linen. [Short version of the pacifier chain] can not be adjusted length, length (including nipple clip) about 17.5cm, table cloth / Taiwan cotton linen. ※Handmade, there will be some errors (0.2~0.5cm). ※The color of the nipple boot is matched by the designer. ※ No nipples. **↟↟↟ Taiwanese design handmade ↟↟↟** **| Notes |** 1. The goods are taken in kind. The color may be slightly different because the light is different from the personal display, but it is still based on real products. If you have any doubts or unacceptable buyers, please consider carefully. 2. The inner fabric color will be adjusted according to the spot of the fabric, and the suitable fabric will be selected according to the outer fabric color. 3. Due to the manual cutting and sewing, the product may have an error value of about 0.2~0.5cm, and the position of the cloth pattern cannot be exactly the same as the photo, please forgive me. 4. The manual production period is about 3~5 days, depending on the product specifications. If you can't wait for the subscript, you can ask if there is any stock. 5. Washing method is recommended to wash by hand, dry, not dry, can be used to dry, medium and low temperature. 6. Some thick cotton cloth has small black spots that are natural cotton seeds. 7. Because it is handmade, you can't return it! Only exchange goods with "瑕疵" can be accepted, and other products can be exchanged when the goods are sold out (if the price difference can be refunded), or a full refund. ※The so-called 污 is stain, damage, zipper or buckle can not be used, does not include color error, size error, etc., the reasons for which are noted in Note 1 and 2. 8. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions, please ask first, thank you~


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