[Liangshan Shuibo] Taiwan Flower Honey Blessing Bag C Type Mingcai Yangyan Gift Box

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Waiting for the cat in Taiwan, flowers and honey blessing bags, Mingcai Yangyan gift box, best Taiwan flowers and light maintenance annual gift box Production and sales resume, each chrysanthemum has a traceable safety history, after spring to winter, 8 mo


[Liangshan Shuibo] Taiwan Flower Honey Blessing Bag C Type Mingcai Yangyan Gift Box


**Due to weather anomalies, the color of the yellow chrysanthemum is lighter than that of the white chrysanthemum, so the product specifications (colors) are randomly shipped.** **Waiting in the Cat Lane Taiwan Flower Honey Blessing Bag Mingcai Yangyan Gift Box Original Price 1200 Special Price 599** Contains Dried Red Dates 90g x1 Warm Heart Golden Chrysanthemum 20g x1 Cat Nectar Nectar 75ml x1 Mingcai White Chrysanthemum 8g x1 * Approximately one-third of chrysanthemum flower yield * Best Taiwan flower light maintenance blessing bag * The most reliable way to verify production and sales resumes Peasant Friendship Agreement for Local Unity + Flipping Miaoli Hand Picking Peaceful Chrysanthemum From a healthy Hangju seedling to a group production and sales resume, each Hangju has a traceable safety history. After spring to winter, 8 months of careful care. Each flower is lightly picked by hand when it is in full bloom, and the exclusive low temperature baking method is used to fully retain the nutrition and aroma of Hang Ju, which evokes the peerless beauty of Hang Ju in Taiwan for half a century. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48582299837_9c594bec92_z.jpg **[Workers, bow-heads, hardworking students-a good helper for modern daily health]** Black-eyed panda who always counts sheep before going to bed Modern people who are always busy and poor-looking **[The beauty and sorrow of Taiwan's Hang Ju through half a century]** The name of Hang Ju comes from Hangzhou, China, which was the chrysanthemum distribution center at that time, and people have collectively called it Hang Ju. The hilly terraces of Tongluo Township, Miaoli, Taiwan have large temperature differences between day and night, relatively high humidity, and red-brown acid soil, which are the best environmental conditions for planting Hang Ju. According to statistics, the Chinese people ’s overall Hangju market is about 150 metric tons of Hangju (more than 300 million Taiwan dollars) each year. However, the opening of the WTO market and the relaxation of the allowable value of pesticides More than 90% of the market is imported from China. Taiwan ’s Hangju industry has been losing ground in the price competition. In addition, Hangju Miao has been used in Taiwan for about 60 years. Long-term asexual reproduction of ramets, cuttings, etc., and the weakening of Hangju seedlings have resulted in insufficient resistance to diseases and pests. How to make this beautiful Hangzhou chrysanthemum flower and the chrysanthemum petals slowly blooming in the cup introduce the flavor of Taiwan and share the beautiful climate of Taiwan with the world. We need everyone's support to pass on Taiwan's Hang Ju to the next century. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48582299542_b6f5c42f14_z.jpg **Production and sales resume** From the healthy Hangju seedlings to the group production and marketing history, each Hangju has a traceable safety history. After spring to winter, 8 months of careful care, each flower is gently picked off by hand when in full bloom, and the exclusive use of low temperature The baking method completely retains the nutrition and aroma of Hang Ju, and is a modern student at work, a bowed head, and a hardworking student-a good helper for modern daily health **Nectar** Hundreds of nectar in the real estate in Taiwan Miaoli, the beekeeper has won multiple competition awards, adding Hang Ju tea to a spoonful of mellow honey, floral fragrance plus honey fragrance, super suitable for computer sedentary, office workers with excessive eyes light maintenance gift box Red dates king reassures red dates "Three jujubes per day, not a hundred years old." Jujube planted by non-toxic cultivation, artificial weeding, and other cultivation methods. Symbiosis of trees and weeds increases the organic matter in the soil and enhances the fruit flavor. The dried jujube after hot air drying has a dark red color, rich aroma, high sweetness, and low moisture. It is a health food, both of which have their own flavors. **Declaration of Reassurance** ✌️ ~ 3 certifications ~ Origin | Safety | Quality ✌️ ~ 3 big sticks ~ Taiwan Original | Hand-picked & Patented Drying Technology | Each batch has peace of mind verification without pesticide residues https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48492316971_971ba7e8b9_z.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48492487222_f4f7b245dd_z.jpg


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