The Secret of Happy Palace wormwood soap into four | 120g precious natural herbs Handmade soaps (wormwood gentian honeysuckle licorice)

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The Secret of Happy Palace wormwood soap into four | 120g precious natural herbs Handmade soaps (wormwood gentian honeysuckle licorice)


[Wormwood can purify the mind and body odor, improve skin defense force, so that a (life) unaffected. ] Secret Palace wormwood Happy Soap - rich wormwood, honeysuckle, gentian, licorice, peach and other natural precious Chinese grass extract, With lemon verbena and lemongrass essential oils, soap making a little fresh lemon fragrance, at the same time soothing. Happy soap wormwood into four (with a handmade cotton bags) Specifications: 120g ± 5g Ingredients: palm oil, coconut oil, glycerin, water, wormwood, hibiscus, honeysuckle, gentian, licorice, peach (extract), lemon grass, verbena (oil) Usage: add water to lather hands, to clean the face and body skin, improve skin defense capabilities. Note: Please keep in a cool place, keep dry after use, avoid direct sunlight. Precious wormwood grass Happy soap used comprises: • Wormwood: "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "Ai to leaf medicine, warm, bitter, non-toxic, Shun Yeung resistance, through twelve." Because having pain, bleeding, fever, stable nerve and moxibustion and so on, also known as wormwood "Medical grass." Folk custom, wormwood has the effect of poison to avoid evil, the Dragon Boat Festival every household will be hung in front of a bunch of wormwood, its special aroma can also be used insect repellent. • Hibiscus: also known as "Qi Ai." Hibiscus originating in Taiwan, Taiwan is evil practices CTV Hibiscus avoid foul auspicious plant, its special rich aroma can be reassuring, commonly used to close panic and bidet. • Honeysuckle: An old saying, "Golden interbank core, herbs worth than gold" Honeysuckle pleasant fragrance, and can reach soothing, calm skin whitening effect and fade dull. • Gentian: rich in minerals and trace elements, with excellent moisturizing effect, help lock in moisture and restore skin elasticity. Gentian soothe, calm and moisturize the skin, strengthen the skin's defense force, to maintain balance and purify the skin pores. • Licorice: two thousand years ago, licorice in "Shen Nong Herbal Classic" are classified as "top grade" Licorice can placate and soothe damaged skin, the skin moist and translucent, more soft and supple, and smooth skin wrinkles, the ultimate slow age Peel. • peach: moisturizing and whitening skin, improve skin dull rough phenomenon, In "Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang", the peach is contained in the record, "so that surface gloss white Ogata," also appeared in the Song Dynasty, "Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang" documented Wing Princess "bath bean side." Palace Secret X Hope Foundation "one to one, concentric heart" activity: Each time you buy a house secret soap, we'll take you to donate another piece of soap to Hope Foundation, as given to charity or use of maternal and child victims of violence. Thank you for helping the country rebuild battered CHILD last mile life for them perfusion more courage and warmth. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Made In Taiwan


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