[Peace country] Amethyst crystal flour crystal bracelet FitterHandmade natural stone hand-made minimalist geometry personalized Christmas Valentine's Day gift anniversary exchange gifts

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[Peace country] Amethyst crystal flour crystal bracelet FitterHandmade natural stone hand-made minimalist geometry personalized Christmas Valentine's Day gift anniversary exchange gifts


Measurements】 【hand around the tape measure around their wrists measure, if no tape can be used around the rope or hand around the circle and then measured with a flat foot. Hand circumference more than 19cm above the other quotes (XXL and above) Please order the correct measurement of your hand circumference, the designer will be in accordance with your hand around and preferences tightness custom. https://i.imgur.com/AXqbVqf.jpg [Peace] Dream Crystal amethyst bracelet x 【Material】 Dream Amethyst 6mm, powder crystal section 6mm, alloy https://i.imgur.com/pacIIb0.jpg Crystal from Latin [Krystalos], from God to turn water into ice forever, and become the legend of the crystal. Amethyst in the Greek mythology is the embodiment of the beautiful girl, amethyst It is said that Zhaozhengzhengzai can enhance the mobility of people and human relationships; enhance spirituality and help career growth to develop wisdom. It is also the birthstone of February. https://i.imgur.com/3u2dlCt.jpg Pink crystal symbolizes love and beauty, enhance the owner's sense of beauty and stability of emotions, love to make a richer power; can also enhance interpersonal and promote business edge. https://i.imgur.com/MmPFcMc.jpg Love shape buckle convenient to wear. Please leave a message after the size of the note! 【About packaging a. All products are shipped with bags easy collection bc over $ 1500 direct upgrade imported black card or imported leather card gift box * Caring service - if you have a gift, can write a small card, after the subscript please name the content can be! * Orders under $ 1500, for purchase plus gift box packaging https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1rn6PYYp?category=2 https://i.imgur.com/SeOHC1O.jpg 【Precautions】 - Spar Stones Each color / depth / texture may be different, natural stone characteristics may be a little ice crack / cotton / impurities / grinding and other small flaws, please understand! - handmade products may have hand-made traces (such as winding or glue, etc.), not like the perfect machine or plastic Oh! - Whether the gold / silver / copper / alloy of the material will be as time / environment / temperature and humidity and personal wear habits may gradually oxidized or faded, refer to maintenance! - Goods are all real shot, because each computer display or camera shooting different ambient light may be a slight color difference, please forgive me! - Jewelry fine small, normal use is no problem! Please do not pull too hard! Maintenance method - Avoid wearing while sleeping / bathing / hand washing, which can slow down the oxidation of jewelry. Most jewelry to extend life expectancy are not recommended with a bath (contact with cleaning supplies), in particular, can not soak in hot springs! - Metallic material (gold / silver / copper / alloy) Wear long-term exposure to water / air / sweat / cosmetics / chemicals ... easily lead to oxidation fade, Use copper oil to wipe and maintain. - Spar jewelry can be cleaned with toilet paper or dry cloth moistened with water. - Avoid prolonged direct sunlight. If not wearing can be placed in sealed zipper bag to save! - Regular replacement of accessories to wear also helps to extend the life of goods Oh! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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