Do not squeeze feet gentleman shoes! Dark red-cream frost matte Derby shoes full leather MIT Taiwan handmade

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Word of mouth is hot! Good to wear gentleman shoe lasts, inside and outside leather, handmade by MIT Taiwan


Do not squeeze feet gentleman shoes! Dark red-cream frost matte Derby shoes full leather MIT Taiwan handmade

商品説明 ▽▽▽ Precautions before placing an order ▽▽▽ 时 Please be sure to fill in your E-mail in the "Remarks column" when checking out for subsequent electronic invoice issuance🔴 The company cooperates with the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice policy and issues electronic invoices upon approval by the competent authority. Respond to environmental protection and do not proactively send paper invoices, and send invoice issuance notification letters by E-mail, which will be completed within 48 hours after the order is shipped. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Major Pleasure Women's Shoes Lab -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 🔺 Do not squeeze feet gentleman shoes! Cream frost matte derby shoes with a total of six colors🔺 Black Dark Red Dark green Coconut Brown Navy Blue Iceberg White -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📝Product information: ✔ Color: Dark red, dark green, iceberg white, black-high flat polished leather (cowhide) Coconut Brown, Navy Blue-Soft Sheepskin ✔ Heel height: 3.4cm ✔ Insole: Breathable dolphins ✔ Inside: breathable dolphins ✔ Origin: Taiwan -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📝 Super comfortable and intimate design 🔸Word of mouth is hot! Well worn gentleman shoe last It breaks the stereotype of foot squeeze of gentlemen's shoes in the past, specially increases the space inside the shoes, and does not squeeze feet for a long time. 🔸Open flap design Adjust the elasticity of the upper casually, which can be easily fitted with wide feet or high insteps. 🔸Counter-grade non-slip outsole, high softness, good elasticity and anti-slip function. 🔸 Extra comfort! Palm thickened latex + longitudinal bow protection soft pouch 手工 Taiwan factory full handmade -------------------------------------------------- --------------------- 📚Size Selection Guide 1⃣ size is normal, please take normal size 2⃣If the foot version is thick or you need to add socks, please increase it by half. 3⃣If you need to ask about the size, you can measure the length and width of your feet and ask after a private message. ☆ Because the size of the brand printed on the outsole of the factory is different from our normal judgment method, the correct size is always based on the number on the silver sticker, not the wrong size. If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service . - 📌 Purchase reminder The return fee is 75 yuan from the shipping fee. Please keep the integrity of the product. If the status of the returned product cannot be renewed, it will not be processed.


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