April-May / Mother's Day Eternal Floral Art + Fragrance Modulation / Color Adjustable / 2 persons 10% off

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Make your own eternal flower box full of aroma for your wife or mother! At the same time, make a bottle of exclusive essential oil fragrance and considerate and flexible color configuration. The designer can adjust the colors that suit your expectations and make the gift more unique.
2020/4/19 (日)
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April-May / Mother's Day Eternal Floral Art + Fragrance Modulation / Color Adjustable / 2 persons 10% off


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49664942076_ff18d559a5_b.jpg **What to send for Mother's Day this year? Make a gift yourself!** Use the eternal floral arrangement to create a beautiful flower box, and match the aroma of the essential oils, so that the visual combination of aroma and your exclusive intention The original ecology NatureWorld has always attached great importance to your feelings in the classroom and the five senses experience. This hand-made gift course opens up the flexibility of your choice of colors. Make gifts more in line with mom's personality, make gifts more unique. 【Features】 1. Additional gifts can be placed in the flower box 2. Can be placed upright as a three-dimensional plant painting 3. The wood will penetrate the aroma to make the space diffuse 4. Immortal flower with Sola flower, can be placed for a long time, to avoid sunshine for at least 2 years. [Color adjustment requirements] Please inform when ordering Please be sure to adjust the color requirements 3 days before the latest course. Make an order as soon as possible to avoid color adjustment before the course, it is likely that there is no material. [In this course, you will make the following three gifts] 1. 5ml compound essential oil fragrance prepared by hand. 2. Log everlasting flower gift box (length 16.6x width 16.5x 11cm high). 3. Hand-dried flower cards (mysterious overweight in the same field). [Course Difficulty] Simple The course includes materials and lecturer fees and venue fees. [Course guarantee] Regardless of the number of people, guaranteed class start Still want to make it yourself at home? There are instructional videos! https://www.pinkoi.com/product/jrCXCPT3 [The establishment of the original ecological NatureWorld since 2010] A 20-year-old light year in 2010, with a beautiful dream, I hope this world can be better, and hope that more people will pay attention to the beautiful coexistence of themselves and the environment at the same time. The founder Yen thinks that the most beautiful aspect of the world is the original ecology. If a plant is to grow beautiful and healthy, the best growth environment is the native environment. Just like most of us like our hometown, we even like to be immersed in the environment. Among the natural beauty, this is because we humans are also part of nature, and the earth is the hometown of all of us. Each of us has a responsibility to take good care of this planet. Original Eco Studio is a gardening company. Through the combination of physical and network channels, we strive to integrate more into the human life circle. In addition to living plant decorations or dried flower products, we have made many more by hand. For plant products, we look forward to making consumers use it with peace of mind. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the product ingredients, we pay more attention to the environmental issues caused by the ingredients and packaging methods. Modern people's fast consumption habits often create many indegradable waste or It's pollution. I think this problem should be returned to manufacturers, and at the same time, consumers' sense of consumption responsibility should be cultivated. In addition, we have also launched an experience course combining fragrance and floral art with the change of the four seasons. We hope that the ancient wisdom of more plants can be spread and heal more people's hearts, let love pass out, and create good for people and for the earth. Good, mission-oriented consumption model. [Traffic location of the original ecological studio]**MRT, train, bus can be easily reached** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48748239926_ec37f6c378_b.jpg **Located in the cultural and creative area of North Wanhua, MRT Longshan Temple Station Exit 3, 3 minutes walk to the original ecological studio** **There are many historical attractions nearby, Longshan Temple, Bopiliao, Qingcao Street, Bird Street, Shintomi-cho Cultural Market ... etc. Of course, there are many gourmet snacks waiting for you to explore. Friends from afar, don't imitate journey** [MRT] Longshan Temple Station Exit 3 [Train] Wanhua Railway Station 3-5 minutes walk to the original ecological studio [Bus] Take a 3-5 minute walk to Wanhua Railway Station and Google [Classical environment of the class] **Comfortable teaching environment, small class teaching teacher's ability is highly recognized by students.It is not only a hand-made course, but also the ancient wisdom that allows students to take away more plants. Teacher Yen also hopes that every student can get a soul rest in the course. And healing.** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48747847603_5296a601c9_b.jpg **[Lecturer Yen]** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49172731852_22d682df66_b.jpg Graduated from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Founder of Original Eco Studio The Admiralty show follows the dream and the gardening expert Citibank VIP Client Gardening Lecturer Zhongguang people came to the mad river, too came plant divination Wildlife Conservation Interpreter Expertise: floral art, agriculture and horticulture, plant divination, use of essential oils and herbs