Dday D+3 BACKPACK / Backpack / Waterproof Backpack / Hot New Product / Mine Black Grey

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Dday D+3 series / bag cover design / with decompression / free adhesive accessories / mine black gray



dday ショップへ

Dday D+3 BACKPACK / Backpack / Waterproof Backpack / Hot New Product / Mine Black Grey


★dday D+3 BACKPACK★

In order to protect the base, a solid bastion is built up of blocks.
Different angles of view can be used to view life size details.
Remove complex curves and return to simple, straight lines
After undergoing a self-cultivation treatment, the bag covers are rarely seen.
It is a great choice for commuters to create a decent sense of baggage.

● Increase the design on both sides of the bag cover and fold it inward to prevent water infiltration.
● Large zip pockets on the front, books, ipad, etc.
● There is a small zip pocket in front of it to accommodate small items.
● Ergonomic double arc strap, lined with professional and efficient vacuum pad.
●Adjustable chest strap buckle on the strap for stability.
● Back AIRMESH material, built-in vacuum foam pad,
And use the lining to create a three-dimensional bag that does not collapse.
● Back zipper design for easy removal of large items.
● Inside the backpack, there are zipper pockets and open pockets.
● The inside of the machine is equipped with a safety fluff surface, which can be affixed and removed.
(Optional DD series accessories)

【product material】
●The fabric is a PU waterproof and processed T/C blended material.
The material properties are both silky and feel resistant to wear.
● The black and grey stone of the mine is blended with the textile method, showing a unique sense of distress.
Make the fabric rich in layering.
● The material is made of water-repellent nylon material and its durability is improved.
(In the material color: blue + red)
● All-inclusive Japanese YKK zipper production, with mineral black zipper head,
Texture upgrades, distribution will charm.

[product configuration]
● Zippered pocket × 4
● Open pocket × 2

【Product Size】
W300 H470 D120 (mm) Approx. 17L

[Origin/manufacturing method]
Handmade in Taiwan

Money sale D+3 BACKPACK mine black gray
► The package designed for Asian personalities, the proportion of ingeniousness is less huge, and the lines are more degraded.

► The three-dimensional bag that doesn't collapse, let people walk in every corner of the world.

Fine detail
► The design of the visual layering allows the flap to have a new life, exquisite edging, and a sense of quality.

Comfort ⇧
► AIRMESH breathable material is applied on the back to strengthen the thicker backing, which is more comfortable than the general single-layer foam pad.
► All-inclusive use of high-strength webbing. The webbing is durable and not easily deformed. It strengthens the knot on the webbing surface and strengthens it.

Attention degree
► Back cold light side blue zipper, long zipper design, you can easily remove large items, and let you carry, the side reveals a cold blue light vaguely, low-key with a unique.

Internal Photo
Texture quality
► High quality YKK mine black zipper, texture upgrade.
► The two sides of the cover are designed to increase the height of the cover, allowing you to infiltrate the sides inwards to enhance waterproof penetration.

Degree of freedom
► The inside is a waterproof fabric with a high-density foam pad lined on the back and bottom to keep your items well protected. There is a zippered pocket on the back and two open pockets to hold a variety of belongings.
► According to different personal storage requirements, dday backpack is equipped with a safety plush surface inside, and it can be attached and detached to various accessories (optional DD series accessories) so that everyone can design their own storage space.

"Demonstration Photo"
Using D+3 camouflage backpack demonstration, the color matching of each paragraph is slightly different. Please refer to the product description for details.

Strap Level⇧
► Ergonomic double arc strap design achieves balance and is lighter when carried. The strap is equipped with an adjustable chest strap to keep you on the move with stability.
► dday straps are lined with a high-efficiency decompression pad, and the straps are different from the normal lined foam pads. They are like high-load gun straps for survival games, or high-end single-camera comfortable straps.

►After the main flap is opened, there is a zipper pocket that can be used for small items that can be taken with you. Not only is it secretive, it is more convenient to take things.

Ingenious ideas
► Turn up the pocket on the top, and have a large zipper pocket for books, ipad and more. Again secret, security upgrades.

► dday D+3 BACKPACK Mine Black
Light reminiscent of new debut → Only oneself can describe the self-style


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