Reprinted of Van Gogh's starry sea blue bronzing aluminum wire headband

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Reprinted of Van Gogh's starry sea blue bronzing dots aluminum wire ribbon Starry Starry NightGold foil stampingCottonTaiwan Han

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Reprinted of Van Gogh's starry sea blue bronzing aluminum wire headband


"For they could not love you But still your love was true Because they could n’t love you at the beginning, but your love is still true And when no hope was left inside On that starry, starry night When there is no hope in the bright starry sky You took your life as lovers often do Like many lovers, you end your life But I could have told you Vincent I wish I could tell you, Vincent This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you This world doesn't deserve a person as beautiful as you. " -Don Mclean, Vincent (Starry Starry Night) ▼ Size: Our products are sewn in person, so the hair has a reasonable error within one to three centimeters. If there is no remarks, it is the default hair band size (length: 83 cm). Please measure the comfort of the hair band before purchase and accept the customized size. If the size is not the same after receiving, you must pay the return shipping fee to replace it! ▼ Commodity description: This is a reprinted product, sold out. ▼ Illustration of the layout: intertwined with dark blue and light blue like blooming, golden dots, At various angles, the dots will reflect slightly golden light. ▼ Material: Cloth, aluminum wire. ▼ Production: Pick the fabric carefully and sew in person. ▼ Cleaning: Washable, hand washing is recommended. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan handmade ▼ Pattern: Due to the pattern of this fabric, it is unique figure of the cutting on every hair band. ▼ Size: Our products are all self-sewed, so the hair band has a rational error from one to three centimeters. It will be considered as the normal hair band size (Circumference: Around 54 ~ 56 cm / Expanding Maximum Size: 66 cm ) if not mentioning. Please measure the size of the hair band is suitable for your head before purchasing if you accept customized size. You will need to pay the shipping fee if you wish to change the size after receiving. ▼ Fitting Report Use a band or a slightly thick cotton thread to wind around your head (Shouldn't be a slant). It should be horizontal to the ground. You may feel suitable without any gap between the band and your head. Shouldn't be too tight or loose. ▼ Head Circumference below 54 cm: Suggest customized. HC 55 cm / suitable, won't feel the headache if wearing for a while. HC56cm / suitable, won't feel the headache if wearing for a while. HC above 57 cm: Suggest customized. Male's HC is around 60cm ▼ Please allow for some variation in color as displayed on different devices and screens. Actual colors may vary. ▼ Material: aluminum steel (made in Taiwan), stiff cotton gold printed cloth. ▼ Process: Selected the fabrics strictly and sewed it in person. ▼ Care Instruction: Washable. Suggest hand wash. ▼ In the interest of the environment and the package safety, the product will be packed with two layers of paper wraps. ▼ Deliver: Post. ▼ As the product is made by hand after we receive the order, it will be shipped in 2 ~ 5 days ish. ▼ Pinkoi Return Policy ( ) Request a refund ( ) We not only put effort on every single stitch but ten times degree of elaboration. Add some gentle and warmness by hand at the end, and then tie a knot. Manufactured Place / Method Made in Taiwan Hand made


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