Italian cowhide adjustable cup cover

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Reducing love for the earth, doing environmental protection needs more beauty! The Italian hand-stitched Italian cowhide cup cover, the surface dye is matte, super textured!!! It can also be marked with letters or numbers 喔~ The colors are all custom color



Italian cowhide adjustable cup cover


Material Cowhide and vegetable dyes Maintenance method The leather surface can be wiped with an expired lotion to maintain the brightness of the leather surface~ Gift Giving Plan If you want to give gifts, but do not want to send them, we provide services for making small cards~ If the private message leaves you want to say something, you can complete the free gift plan! (Basic packaging is a simple zipper bag, if you want a small box of packaging, you can buy it on the store!) "share it" If you like our products, you can follow the fan group! Your support is the best motivation for our creation. FB: Goldsmith Craft Design Studio IG: lin_gin_je LINE:@vuy5676t Product Warranty ★Because jewellery is a custom-made personal item, it will not be returned or exchanged except for new products, wrong goods or damaged during transportation. ★Puncture jewelry, such as earrings, etc., for health reasons, will not accept returns. ★ Warranty period: six months. ★ Warranty range: new products, bracelets or necklaces are disconnected, leather hardware is off. ★After receiving the product, please check if the product is correct. If there is a product error or a new product during the delivery process, please contact us within 7 days of arrival, we will assist you with the return or repair (customer) Product), and return the original goods within 5 days after the contact with the original packaging. If the time limit is not returned, it is deemed to be automatically waived. Please maintain the integrity of the goods, the goods must be "new unused", the goods must be completely recycled, including the purchase of goods, boxes, accessories, internal and external packaging, product cards or shipping orders, random documents, gifts, etc., please return If there is a missing piece or the goods are incomplete, the goods cannot be returned. ★ If the bracelet or necklace product is broken or dropped during the warranty period, it can be repaired free of charge. ★If the product is broken, damaged or lost due to external force collision or improper use, we will assess whether it is repairable and charge the material according to the situation. ★ In addition to the new products, the buyer will bear the shipping cost, we will pay the freight back after the repair, and the rest of the repairs will be paid by the buyer. ★Before returning the repaired product, please contact us first to obtain the repair number, otherwise it will not be accepted. ★All repair products sent back to us must be packed in sealed zipper bags and packaged with protective packaging materials such as bubble paper. We will not be responsible for any damage to the repaired products during transportation. ★The time for repairing the product is about 1-4 weeks, depending on the condition of the repaired product, and some need to be sent back to the factory for repair. In case of material shortage or out of stock, especially some natural stone may not have the same or similar products, if there is no alternative, you can not repair it, please forgive me. ★ All products outside the warranty period or warranty are subject to quotation maintenance, and we reserve the right to refuse to provide repair services.


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