[The most intimate gift at the end of the year] Chike Mountain Needle Good Sleeping Gift (Needle Good Tea Tea Bag x 10 pcs + Pin Mei Brightening Mask x 1 piece)

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Taiwan's first by-product of golden needles combined with the research and development technology of the National University, "Needle Good Sleeping Hand Gift" herbal teas that help you fall asleep and natural beauty products are the best gifts for your own use or gifts to relatives and friends.


2g x 10



[The most intimate gift at the end of the year] Chike Mountain Needle Good Sleeping Gift (Needle Good Tea Tea Bag x 10 pcs + Pin Mei Brightening Mask x 1 piece)


※Souvenir features ★Production and sales history Herbal tea is safe and secure ★Help relax and fall asleep drink every day ★Exclusive golden needle flower essence beauty product ★High-quality silk mask moisturizing patch ★National Yilan University R&D Quality Assurance ※Awarded: ★2019 Hualien Top 100 Souvenir Award ★2019 Taiwan Top 100 Souvenir Award ★2018 Self-Media Conference Taiwan's Unique Products ※Product description Huadong Hongxuan's "Needle Good Sleeping Gift" comes from Chike Mountain, Hualien County, Taiwan's largest gold needle producing area. It is located at 800-1200 meters and is surrounded by clouds and mist all year round. It is quite suitable for the growth of gold needles. The ninth class of vegetable production and marketing class in Yuli Township, Hualien County and National Yilan University formed a R&D and production team. They use gold needle leaves and gold needle flowers with production and sales history of the Taiwan Agricultural Committee, and use exclusive technology and professional processes to produce "Zhen Hao Tea" and "Zhen Mei Brightening mask". https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501111.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501092.jpg ※"Zhenhaocha" The herbal health tea made from golden needle leaves is mostly used as cooking for the Chinese, while Japan uses sleep aid as the research direction. Research in Japan has found that gold needles have a soothing effect and can help sleep. The highest content of sleep aid is in the leaves. It is called kupenソウ tea in Japan, also known as "Menricao". Huadong Hongxuan's R&D and production team jointly completed the production process of self-gathering, washing, drying, shredding, packaging, etc., and passed the food safety inspection for pesticide residues and sulfur dioxide residues. Modern people have a fast-paced life and high work pressure. Many people have trouble falling asleep, poor sleep quality or waking up too early. Most people want to find help in a natural way. The natural herbal "Zhenhaocha" has no coffee. Because it can be drunk every day, it is a great choice for soothing emotions and helping you fall asleep. https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501095.jpg ※May 2019, National Yilan University Sleep Research Report_Achievements of Hualien County Government's 2018 Local SBIR Program The subjects used Alpha and Beta wave index to plot the time before and after drinking Zhenhaocha (0, 5, 10, 20 minutes) (Figure 2). The data showed a significant downward trend, showing that after drinking Zhenhaocha at 20 Within minutes, the brain Alpha and Beta waves are reduced, and the body gradually becomes relaxed and calm, which is good for sleep. https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501113.jpg ※『Needle Beauty Brightening Mask』 The exclusive technology extracts the skin firming and brightening essence from the perfume golden needle flower, combined with the moisturizing effect of Tremella hyaluronic acid, effectively helps the skin to stay away from dullness and dehydration, quickly solves the annoying dryness problem, and restores the skin's whiteness Hydrating. Together with resveratrol and flower and fruit complex essence, it reduces facial blemishes and spots, injects whitening and translucent energy into the skin, and easily has bright, elastic and charming skin. https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501094.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501573.jpg ※ ``The Quiet Night Sky of Nepenthes Grass'': The unique tranquility of the Golden Needle Flower Sea is presented in the form of illustrations, allowing people to relax in the sea of flowers and feel healed in the night sky. It is used on the product packaging of Zhenhao Tea and Zhenmei Brightening Mask to convey the image of relaxation, tranquility and romance. https://youtu.be/r_PsaFWCRtU https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501119.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501123.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501122.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501121.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501115.jpg https://images.payeasy.com.tw/prod_details/6087/6087301/res/6501/6501114.jpg ※Product specifications Brand: Huadong Hongxuan Product name: Chike Mountain Needle Good Sleeping Gifts (Needle Good Tea + Needle Beauty Brightening Mask) Contents: Zhenhaocha 2g tea bags x10 bags + Zhenmei Brightening Mask x1 piece/group Material: Golden Needle Storage method: Please store in a dry and cool place, and avoid high temperature or direct sunlight. 【Needle Good Tea】 Drinking time: It is best to drink before going to bed, when you want to relax, and before meals. Drinking method: Please brew with 250ml of hot boiled water, wait for 4-5 minutes, and then drink it. Each tea bag can be refilled 1-2 times. (You can increase or decrease the amount of water and adjust the intensity according to personal preference) Shelf life: two years [Needle Beauty Brightening Mask] How to use: After cleansing the skin, take out the "Needle Whitening Mask" and apply it to the whole face for 15-20 minutes and then take it off. If there is essence on the face, gently massage it with fingertips until absorbed, and then follow the general maintenance procedures. . Shelf life: three years Shipping days: +3~5 working days after ordering to arrive. ※Scenery of Chike Mountain: https://youtu.be/b-TYFQ6BsGc


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