/Napkin Forever/ Eternal Pen Clip Black

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The pen body can be easily clipped to a notebook or your shirt pocket for easy carrying and because you never need ink or worry about soiling your clothes or bags. It's not just a writing instrument, it's also a stylish accessory that perfectly fit



/Napkin Forever/ Eternal Pen Clip Black


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yI5BvCbZGo&feature=youtu.be Napkin Forever Designer Sergio Mori uses the completely hollow body to play with the concept of a pen that does not require ink or graphite. Each Clip is accompanied by a notebook that is fully integrated with him, and the two elements complement each other to make them complete. Clip is the latest eternal pen from Napkin 2015, and the same is the hand-designed work of Italian designer Sergio Mori. Unlike other timeless series pens, the Clip comes with a notebook of the same color. The medium-sized Clip is easy to carry and fits into the jacket pocket. The latest product in 2015 is not only a writing instrument, but also a fashion accessory, perfectly matched with the pocket of the jacket, which combines elegance and avant-garde style. Ethergraf's nib makes it never need to change the refill or add ink, just like his series name Forever, it can be written permanently. NAPKIN Behind Napkin's products there is a story to tell, in the medieval Tuscany. Jenino. Jonini’s "book of art" records many of the modern art techniques of the Renaissance, including Leonardo. Masters such as Da Vinci, Lamuer and Giotto Di Bondona. At that time, a pen with a metal pen was used to leave a graphite-like trace on the paper for sketching. Napkin's product puts this skill from the hands of the Renaissance master into our hands, allowing us to travel through time and space. At that time, the hands that created the art of touching countless people for hundreds of years felt the touch of the same pen tip as hundreds of years ago. The decoration of each pen body is handmade by the top craftsmen of Italy. For them, each pen is a piece of art and cannot be compromised. We can say that this technology will never replace the modern pen, but it is a beautiful design that can be used for writing and sketching. It never needs ink, it will not stain your bag, you can take him with you. Occasionally, I have experienced the romantic feelings of the revival of the art. The pen fans have a deep understanding and attention to the writing ability of a pen, but like any collector, they will know how to appreciate its bloodlines and history. It tells the story. Napkin was founded in 2008. Although it is still a young company, they have already established a wide sales network in many different fields, from hotels and restaurants to Lifestyle products. Since innovation is the most important spirit of Napkin, they invest a considerable proportion of the battalions in research and development, and also cooperate with many Italian design schools, design companies or independent designers. In all of their core business, the modern design, craftsmanship and innovative products that represent Italy are inspired by Renaissance painting techniques, and the Ethergraf® line of pens designed by designer Sergio Mori It is also researched and developed by Napkin. Ethergraf – SilverPoint In the Middle Ages, until the discovery of graphite in a British town in 1560, the artist painted on a canvas with a silver-tip pen. The technique at the time required the painter to grind the ashes, eggshells or shells into the glue made with the rabbit skin, and sprinkle them on the canvas before waiting for it to dry. Napkin's Ethergraf technology slightly improves this technique so you don't have to deal with your canvas anymore, just use plain paper, and then, when the silver tip touches the paper, it leaves a graphite-like mark through oxidation. Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in Italy


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