Customized pet portrait cats and dogs kids canvas bundle pockets hand-printed Drawstring bag

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⊞ Taiwan produced 100% cotton canvas 帆布 Canvas double pull beam pocket / cosmetic bag / storage bag / stationery bag / sundries bag ⊞ You can put a passport-sized book. 🐾


Customized pet portrait cats and dogs kids canvas bundle pockets hand-printed Drawstring bag


瓜 瓜妈的话: The customized series are not manufactured in large quantities, retaining the temperature and mind of the handwork. Old customers give us full trust, sincerely recommended and quality standards Welcome to provide your own paintings & beloved photos (phone resolution is enough to print) Guajia Home offers the most intimate and exclusive customized service😉😉😉 订 Customized method 🍉 1 #Please ask the private message and the melon to confirm the file before ordering. 🍉 2 After you place your order, provide your transfer method: **File acceptable: JPG/AI/PDF file** **High resolution + shooting original file is better (original file blur = printing will paste, mind not to place an order)** **Image size: 5 x 5 cm or less**(no retouching service available) 🍉 3 Confirm that the image file is correct, start production,**about 5-10 days**(excluding holiday) 🍉 4 After the finished product is confirmed, it will be sent out (no return will be accepted) #邮局货, the fastest delivery the next day, the holiday does not ship # 711 / The whole family is shipped, the fastest delivery in two days, the holiday can be shipped ______________________________________________ **Please be sure to read the following points carefully, and you will fully cooperate and will not be assaulted!** 🍉 Urgent: The specified delivery time is at least 3 days, and the #300元 urgent fee is required. 帆布 The long-term use or cleaning of canvas products will cause the pattern to peel off and wrinkle or shrink when it is launched. FIG After 🍉 / photographic printing, there will be absolutely__color__, or dimensional errors + _0.5cm 手工 Printed by hand, the surface will be mottled, error, and position And the white range will not be printed, it will reveal the original color of the canvas, which is a natural phenomenon. 🍉 If the printed surface is peeled off, it is normal! You can stick it with a small amount of white glue on your hand. 🍉 No retouching service available, free to square or round, please inform the designer if necessary 与 Confirmed with your product before sending it. After sending it,__does not accept return__喔! *Above, can't accept / perfectionist, please don't place an order, thank you!* ______________________________________________ A leisurely breakfast, a light change key, is thrown in. Stationery control exclusive storage bag Every day that will accompany you happy~ ⊞ 3C surrounding 哩哩抠抠 mobile power charging line tofu heads come in The mouse is also pretending! ______________________________________________ ◐Product Information◐ 帆布 Canvas double pull-up pocket / cosmetic bag / sundries bag / storage bag / ⊞ You can put a passport-sized book. 招 Lucky cats strayed in!! (actual size demonstration) 尺寸 Size is 15.5x high and 20cm high 材质 Material pure canvas 6 amps ⊞ Pure hand-sewn cotton thread 印刷 Printing method has manual transfer of temperature (The pattern position will be somewhat different. The difference is only 1cm.) 帆布 Canvas products may be peeled off after being used or cleaned for a long time. (Acceptable order)喔 清洁 Cleaning method Small dirt can be wiped with an eraser 洗涤 Washing method, hand washing Xiao Yan: Please gently wash away the pattern part to avoid pattern distortion. The outside part of the pattern can be washed gently with soapy water and then gently wrung out. Respond to a flat state and drain vertically with natural air drying It is normal to wrinkle or slightly shrink the pure canvas after washing! (can accept the order) Can avoid the pattern to restore the flat state ~ Note: The pattern cannot be hot (iron is not available) (drying is not possible) ⊞ The color and size of the display may be slightly different from the actual product. The recipient can subscript 喔 :) #生日# Valentine's Day #礼物#环保袋#Canvas bag#Wedding small things


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