Peace of mind shipping SOP elegant gold bag portable / side back dual-use-elegant purple

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Peace of mind shipping SOP elegant gold bag portable / side back dual-use-elegant purple


【Product desciption】 The leather body is imported natural plant tannin cowhide from Italy, with elegant and streamlined mouth gold, and the full-open design makes the contents of the bag easier to handle and store. The ladder-shaped design of the body, the bottom is wide and the top is narrow, has a large capacity, but the appearance does not appear too heavy, which fully meets the storage needs of girls. Various long clips, cosmetic bags, storage bags, small folding umbrellas, etc. can be placed in the body of the bag. The most special thing is that the inner cloth can be separated from the body of the bag. If it is dirty or stained, it can be replaced or washed. The interlayer is designed with a zipper interlayer and a pocket interlayer. The fabric is made of washed canvas, waterproof cloth, cotton linen, and three different fabrics are used. The inside of the finished product is very exquisite! It comes with a long strap that can be changed freely according to personal preference. The end of the strap is buckled, which is very convenient for self-removal and replacement. [Special warning] 1. Each color of the buckle on the bag is different. Some buckles are not even the same anymore, so this bag is sold in limited quantities. If you really really like the buckles on other bags, please ask us in private, we will try our best to help you find out if there is still stock. 2. There are various patterns in the color of the detachable inner lining, and we will match it according to the color of the bag. 【Size Description】 Size: Length 27cm, Width 15cm, Height 26cm Color: elegant purple [Note] Every purchase comes with a free dust bag, but because of the large size of the package, there is no gift box packaging, but we will carefully protect the packaging so that the bag will still be delivered to you Intact. :) [When placing an order, please be sure to fill in clearly whether you want to "stamp" or "handwritten", copy the following format, fill in the requirements in the remarks column, if not specified, the designer will use the most suitable position to engrave. 】 ⁕【When placing an order with stamped English letters, if it is not specified to be uppercase or lowercase, the final decision will be made by the designer】 [Steel font selection] Stamp: block capital letters (6mm, 4mm, 3mm.) Stamp: Block letters (6mm), cursive numbers (4mm) Stamp: cursive letters (6mm, case-sensitive. The first letter of the name is all capitalized) Stamp: All kinds of small patterns, please refer to the picture number. Handwriting: Can be divided into upper and lower case, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, special symbols, etc. can be written for you. example: [Engraved font]: stenciled 6mm block capital [Engraved content]: LIS LEATHER+ small pattern No. 47 [Location]: Not specified example: [Font]: cursive letters 6mm + cursive numbers steel stamp 4mm [Content]: LIS LEATHER [Position]: Center example: 【Font】Handwriting [Content] Yuei Lin [Location] The lower right corner of the front of the wallet The products after @engraving are customized and cannot be returned or exchanged. After placing an order on the Internet, if the buyer does not have other engraving content and other remarks and message descriptions, the product will be sent out immediately after completion; the seller will no longer inquire whether there is an additional engraving service. [Note] The steel stamps are manually typed up one by one. They cannot be as rigid and tidy as the machine engraved. They will be somewhat skewed and uneven. If you are very concerned about the neatness, it is recommended not to use the steel stamp lettering, which can be purchased separately. Laser engraving service. [Laser engraving photo reference] [Laser Plus Purchase Store] [About LIS] Leather In Sun-Sun is derived from the owner’s name "Yang". The purpose of our shop is the leather work itself, so that those who like hand-made can convey our design philosophy and feel the creative temperature of handmade leather. Our store is honored to be selected as the "Pingtung Goods" in 2017. It has a physical store in Pingtung City for more than 15 years. If there are any problems after purchasing the goods, they can be returned to our store for repair. [Precautions before purchase] The merchandise in the store is shot under natural light during the day. However, due to the different display settings, resolution, hue, and brightness of each computer and mobile phone, there is a cognitive color difference. If you are very concerned about the color difference, please consider carefully before placing an order. , You can also use the private information in the station to ask questions. If you want us to take more product photos for reference, we will serve you wholeheartedly. @The leather itself has natural textures and natural scars, which are all natural phenomena and are not defective products. @There will be slight differences in color and hardness in the same piece of leather. @Perfectionists do not place orders, or use private messages to inquire. 【Maintenance method】 @Natural leather will gradually darken due to sun exposure, time, and usage, and the color changes vary from person to person. @If the product is not used frequently, please try to place it in a dry and ventilated place. @For general maintenance, please use leather maintenance oil, apply a small amount evenly on the surface, and wait for the leather oil to absorb completely before storing or continuing to use it. [Manufacturing origin] Taiwan [Steel stamp pattern reference]


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