Tea Cupping Set

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[Tea Cupping Set] Contents: Evaluation jug, lid, evaluation bowl, three-piece set Evaluation jug: 150ml Evaluation bowl: about 200ml Material: white porcelain


Tea Cupping Set


About Tea Cupping Set In the tea evaluation competition, the professional judges selected the tea with the best aroma, taste, and taste in this season among the many participating teas through the keen sense of smell and taste combined with vision. However, before the professional sensory evaluation, all the teas participating in the evaluation competition need to undergo objective extraction of "consistent conditions", so that the flavor of the tea soup is presented in front of the judges without modification. How to achieve `` consistent conditions '' of objective extraction? At this time, you need to borrow [Tea Cupping Set]. Tea evaluations throughout the world are based on this standard and are applicable. Material: The material requirement of the evaluation team is white porcelain. Because the sintering temperature of porcelain is higher than that of pottery, the flavor of tea can be presented without any modification. The requirement for "white" porcelain is because white can completely make the color of tea soup appear, and the visual judgment will not be disturbed. Number of ml: The evaluation team has a specified number of ml. The judging teapot for judging competition is set at 150ml. During the competition, put 3g of tea in a 150ml jug, fill it with boiling water, cover it and soak it for 5 or 6 minutes (Note 1). When the time comes, pour the tea soup in the jug into the judging order Jian bowl (Note 2). Tea soup with the same extraction conditions can be presented in full and detailed before the professional judges for the evaluation competition. Note 1: Tea soaking time is distinguished by tea shape. The unified soaking time of strip tea is 5 minutes (such as: Three Gorges Biluochun, Hualian Honey Black Tea, Wenshan Baozao Tea, Oriental Beauty Tea, etc.); the unified soaking time of spherical tea is 6 minutes (such as: alpine oolong, frozen Ding Oolong, Tieguanyin, Red Oolong ... etc.). Note 2: During the competition, the judges will use white porcelain spoons to sip tea soup on their porcelain cups to score. [Tea Cupping Set of Tea Appraisal Group] Outsourced with the Chinese and English appraisal method, in addition to reminding yourself when evaluating tea, you can also give it to foreign friends who are interested in tea. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48906608571_eaff9fb71c_b.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48906084403_d74d9020f4_b.jpg * Note: This product does not come with a gift bag. If you need a gift bag, please go to this link to purchase an order: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/iRmapXmb ** The spoon shown in the picture is not included in the product itself We believe that a good life can simply start with a cup of tea ... す ば ら し い 一天 は お 茶 か ら 始 ま る と 信 じ て い ま す. We believe that a perfect day begins with a simple cup of tea.


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