Wide version of leather decompression mobile phone neck strap / two kinds of connectors for choice

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The customized girth can be adjusted within 100 cm. The hand-stitched cowhide neck strap (*not including the mobile phone case) is specially equipped with a wide and Q-soft surfaced cowhide at the stress point. The decompression effect is super good, and it is intimately attached. Two types of connectors are available. It is recommended to be used as a mobil


Wide version of leather decompression mobile phone neck strap / two kinds of connectors for choice


The brand concept of Manle Handmade is to provide personalized design and customized services to satisfy each of our unique consumers. Our products are all hand-made patterns and sewing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, from material selection to workmanship. One process is to make the product accompany customers longer, friendly materials, practical design, solid handwork and free maintenance service once a year, is to buy you happy and use it at ease! Material: cowhide, sheepskin, brass rivets, black removable plastic buckle or bronze alloy D ring, and Micro Cord high-strength nylon string (strength 41KG/100 lbs, rope diameter 1.18mm, rope for the hole of the phone case The standard circumference of the circle is 8cm). Specifications: black leather rope with a width of 10mm, dark brown cow suede or white sheepskin with a width of about 22mm. Customized content: 📿Neck strap: The circumference of the strap can be adjusted within 100 cm (Note) 📣If not specified, they are made with a standard circumference of 72 cm. Note: The recommended girth is 72 cm, and the hanging position is approximately under the chest; if the height is below 160 cm or if you prefer to be shorter, you can make 68 cm. 🖊Provide printing service in English, free of charge within 12 letters, can be divided into upper and lower case but no numbers and Chinese! Please confirm with the designer for the font, more than 12 characters are 20 yuan per letter. Note ⚠️ Therefore, it is a customized product, unless there is a major defect (for example: the size does not match the original order can be remade), other conditions are not accepted for return! Please confirm the size, color and other requirements with the designer before ordering, so as to avoid regrets😢 remind: 1. There are lines, blood vessels, and scars on the surface of the leather. It is a normal natural phenomenon. The best part of the leather will be selected when making it. However, there may still be some lines that cannot be avoided. Perfectionists please consider buying. 2. Leather cannot be waterproof and stain resistant, please use it carefully and avoid contact with hard objects. 3. For products purchased in Man Music, we provide a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance services based on normal use, and the cost of the production is subject to individual conditions. In order to ensure that our products can be recognized during maintenance, the logo will be printed before shipment. If there is no special requirement, the printing position will be on the inner side where it is not obvious.


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