Mobile phone case - pure leather (large)

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Simple design, single-side stitching makes the whole look lighter, the curve below is open, don't worry about the ringing being covered, you can charge it without any problem. The top piece can be directly opened in addition to the atomic button. The r


Mobile phone case - pure leather (large)


**size** The phone case is divided into small and small in size, and other brands or shelled phones can be made. The following is the difference between the size and size. If you are not sure, you can contact us directly. We will assist you in measuring and distinguishing the size. Phone size: wide (full circle measurement) 18cm x high (single-sided measurement) 16cm (If you need to put the shell together, please count the size of the shell together) Big money: any size exceeds the above Small: Both sizes are within There are free side hooks, please let us know if you need it. If you need a neck lanyard or a wrist strap, you are also welcome to increase the price. **Color introduction** Vegetable tanned cowhide The most original; original skin color (oxidized to produce beautiful caramel color) Environmental dyeing rendering: red wine, lake blue Environmentally friendly dyes without rendering: Extreme black Translucent uniform color: mature brown, red earth coffee **Custom service** Most of the goods can be customized, as long as you have ideas, please discuss with us, we will try our best to complete it for you. Some products of vegetable tanned leather can be provided with free English engraving service (the most beautiful within 8 letters). We are non-burning by tapping. The lighter the color, the more obvious the leather will be, and the manual tapping will inevitably have a small skew. If you are acceptable above, please feel free to enquire about the lettering service. **Leather awareness** Vegetable tanned leather: Made from plant tannins, also known as environmentally friendly skin, it will oxidize over time, the color will become darker and brighter, with natural texture, and the texture will become more obvious with the use of time. The original skin color can be slowly grown into a caramel color from a light skin tone. Most of the dyed leather will be one to two deep. Because the ambient temperature and the amount of oil in the hands are different, the leather produced by each person will be different. Oh! Chrome-tanned leather: It is made of chrome powder and has a heavy taste, but the hand feel is soft. The color is made by coating. The texture is made by post-processing, which is more uniform and more resistant to dirt. Branded goods are mostly made of vegetable tanned leather, with natural lines, irregular lines, and may be more obvious after a period of use. This is the unique nature of vegetable tanned leather. For those who only like regular lines, they need to pay more attention to leather. Type 喔! **Maintenance instructions** The leather is not water-resistant. It should not be soaked in the water with a bath. If you accidentally encounter this situation, please use a clean cloth to dry the water as much as possible, and place it in a ventilated place to make it dry naturally. (Cannot use electric fan or hair dryer), the water will take away the grease, the leather will lose its protection, you can use leather maintenance oil (oil) to remedy, or you can send it back and let us help you / re-oil. Do not use the leather parts that are not commonly used in the damp and dark places. Remember to take out the ventilation regularly and do simple oil maintenance every season. However, the best maintenance oil is the oil on the hands of the human body, so remember to use them frequently! **Brand story** *Temperature By Hand*temperature from the palm of Adhere to pure hand-made, just to pass the temperature of the palm to you / 妳. With the vegetable tanned cowhide without chemical, the environmentally friendly dyeing agent with the rendering technique presents a unique mysterious color. I fall in love with the natural and pure leather, then you/妳? *Temperature from the palm of your hand*is the brand's biggest core, from discussion to design, from design to production, from production to delivery, from delivery to use, from use to collection. The biggest focus is on our hands, and the temperature conveyed by the palms can transform the leather into perfect leather parts, which will leave the unique color and texture of the leather after use, and bring us a copy. beautiful memories.


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