Customized couple key ring Valentine's Day gift Tanabata Chinese Valentine's Day

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Wood texture custom key ring, the best choice for Valentine's Day, anniversary and birthday gifts



Customized couple key ring Valentine's Day gift Tanabata Chinese Valentine's Day


This is a realistic style. The pictures are drawn by hand. Both sides can be engraved If you want to find other styles, you can also find them in Mandily's design gallery. Product contains: key ring + self-adhesive bag (if you buy the box, it does not come with a self-adhesive bag) Can also purchase a box Size is about 3.8*3.8cm Customized if you need special size On the back you can engrave any words you want to say to your friends. The front can depict portraits of 1-2 people On the back you can engrave any words you want to say to your friends. If you need to draw three or more, please come to the discussion to discuss the size and price. The general production time is 7-14 days (excluding holidays). If you are in a hurry, you can contact Mandy to get the shipment early. 【note】 ★Please carefully select the photos to be drawn and start painting. You can't change the photos to redraw 啰★ ★ Can't finish painting and say I want to try other styles ★ ★ No sample painting available ★ A key ring can be paired with an accessory (★Bronze and suede are two kinds of inside one pick one) ★Bronze ★麂皮 Example (category + number): I want bronze 23 or suede 4 Packing box: (with ribbon, tied and glued) Order process: (1) Talk to Mandy after placing an order (2) Provide a clear frontal close-up of the facial features of the person's face and the words to be engraved (3) Inform Mandy of your favorite accessory number (two choices of bronze/skin). If there is no remark, it will be shipped randomly. (4) If there is a purchase box, please write down the color you like (Powder/Tiffany Green). If there is no remark, it will be shipped randomly. After that, you can get the exclusive charms~ Is it very simple~? [Wood conservation knowledge] The eucalyptus wood also needs to breathe and breathe so there is no such thing as "complete waterproof paint". Only "anti-splash paint" ⭐️When it is drenched or poured, it will dry on the lacquer surface and then dry it with toilet paper. ⭐️ However, if the water is soaked in water for a long time, it will still invade the wood and cause mold or deformation. ⚠️So please don’t throw the key ring into the washing machine or take the key ring to the hot spring. ⭐️Although the key ring has water repellent, avoid frequent rain to maintain or even extend the life of the key ring. [There is also a warranty 喔] Every gift is full of friends/partners. No one can bear this intention because of accidental injury If your custom key ring breaks, tears, crushes, etc. within 60 days As long as you send the broken key ring to Mandy Mandy will recreate and send you the same pattern key ring for free. For the whole process, you only need to pay the postage sent by the key ring (about 36 yuan) [A product is only guaranteed once] There is no warranty on the re-created key ring啰 [瑕疵回换换知】 If you have the following conditions: obvious appearance damage, large area of dirt, missing words, misplaced goods, please contact Mandy as soon as possible, we will deal with you as soon as possible. Woody goods are sometimes not scratched or soiled by a few dark or light fibers due to the surface of the fiber particles. ⭐️This product is handmade, and each batch of wood and original paint may affect the color, and will not accept the return of the goods on the basis of "color difference". ⭐️Each screen has a color difference, and the product page has a product description. If you have any questions about the product, you can discuss the message that Mandy welcomes you. You are not allowed to return the goods with the following reasons: "There is difference in color, different from imagination". *Mandy will be treated with care for each question. Please do not replace communication with negative comments~ -------------------------------------------------- ---------- [About customized/customized products] ★Customized/customized products provided by our store are made according to your own personalized needs. ★Draw according to the order of the order. Please contact the designer to confirm the schedule before ordering. If there is any urgent item, please inform in advance. ★Please confirm that you have fully reviewed the relevant product declaration before ordering, and please understand that due to the special nature of this product, it may affect the exercise of your contract cancellation right. ★Customized products are not applicable to the 7-day free appreciation period. When the defective return (return according to the return procedure), please keep the original packaged goods intact, we fully protect your shopping rights.


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