Fish seven points whale party

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Fish Seven-point Whale Carnival Party Contents: Blue Whale Notebook Whale Essay Postcard into the Ocean - Whale Shark Postcard Killer Whale Night Light Postcard Taiwan's Whale Sticker Set Whale Socks Ocean Good Friends Postcard - Killer Whale Killer Wh



Fish seven points whale party


The whale as a gentle giant in the sea has always made people yearn for The fish whale party with seven points of fish helps everyone to capture the various appearances of whales. Contents: Blue whale notebook whale essay postcard into the ocean - whale shark postcard killer whale night light postcard Taiwan's whale sticker group whale socks socks killer whale drink belt marine good friend postcard - killer whale **Blue whale notebook** The blue whale's swimming style is always so elegant and charming, the pink blue whale is the fish's seven points to their softest imagination B5 size inner page grid 80 pages of road paper **Whale essay postcard** The outer seas of eastern Taiwan are many whale migration routes Fish seven points on this postcard to draw the five most familiar whales Do you know their names? Fine-grain paper double-sided color printing manual hot convex processing *Postcards are hand-polished and each has a slight difference **Look into the ocean - whale shark postcard** (Whale shark is a shark is not a whale!) At the very beginning of knowing the sea, we look down from the sea level. Through the changing sea wave, I saw the vitality of the whale shark revealing the sea. Sewn from two pieces of paper, the upper layer of water ripple has a three-dimensional slightly convex touch The lower layer of paper is a pearlescent material. It is recommended to write with an oily pen. **Killer whale night light postcard** The ocean is like the inner universe, and looks up at the real universe. Have you seen what I saw? The material is star-shaped magic paper, hand-painted with luminous paint, each brightness is slightly different. The use of high-power bulbs or sunlight to illuminate the effect will be more obvious! *Postcard fluorescent material has slight differences in the degree of illumination for manual processing. **Taiwan's whale sticker set** The outer seas of eastern Taiwan are many whale migration routes Fish seven points on this postcard to draw the five most familiar whales Do you know their names? Waterproof and anti-UV oily stickers, suitable for stickers on computers, suitcases, hard hats, kettles, etc. **Whale watching socks** Whales and dolphins found in Taiwan’s waters account for about one-third of the global species. Is due to the warm tropical currents in eastern Taiwan - Kuroshio The Kuroshio is rich in cetacean resources by rolling up nutrients So there will be the rise of the Hualien whale watching ship. Material: 80% cotton 10% elastic fiber 10% nylon Size: Adult female fits about 22.5-26cm **Killer whale drink strap** Since the Republic of China in 107 years, the Taiwan government has completely banned the use of beverage plastic bags, and the durable canvas drink belt allows you to buy drinks and protect the earth! Pattern range: one full circle Dimensions Length and Width: 12x8cm Bag length: 19cm Applicable drink cup: 500-700ml Material canvas Maintenance Hand wash or put in a laundry bag and wash with a washing machine After cleaning, use a towel to dry and dry. Do not wring out. **Good friend of the ocean - killer whale** The marine friends series postcards are all painted with bright watercolors and acrylics. In order to respond to the childlike style, paper with fine silver powder is selected; the thickness of the paper is also obviously improved, and the thickness is up to 1mm! In addition, both the positive and the negative have high quality. The color printing is quite complete! Size: 183x92mm Thickness: 480p (about 1mm) Material: silver dot paper (fine silver powder on paper) Whales are also divided into toothed whales and baleen whales. Whaling was very popular in the early 20th century. At that time, whale meat would be used as a table dish. And whale oil will be used as fuel for various machines or lamps. Although in the 1980s, countries signed a ban on whaling. But the whaling industry, which has been around for decades, has left the number of whales


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