Shiny bright brass ring, shiny bright red copper ring, forged copper ring, forged brass ring

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Style selection: shiny bright red copper ring, shiny bright brass ring, forged copper ring, forged brass ring Material / Quantity: Red Copper or Brass / One



Shiny bright brass ring, shiny bright red copper ring, forged copper ring, forged brass ring


[customized rules] - Material / Quantity: Red copper or brass / one - Ring twist: The narrowest 4mm~ The widest limit is 1cm. Please leave a message for your width. It is inevitable that there will be errors in the manual size. - Gift: Jewelry box, silver cloth, SONO brand bag. - If you need lettering service, please leave a message. - The above prices are produced by SONO / teaching, professional maintenance services. - Provide teaching services or welcome to be appointed by SONO. Please make an appointment and make an appointment. - Experience Course: You can create a ring that is as exquisite as a counter brand, which is unique and commemorative. - Production area: Made in Taiwan Kaohsiung Kaohsiung / Designed by SONO /Shiji Introduction / Pick up the graffiti from the kindergarten, and from that moment on, I will set my mind to be engaged in art for a lifetime. In the middle school, high school happily learned the basic skills different from ordinary people in the Taiwan Art School. Going to New York to study design 10 years ago is very challenging and fun. Walking through every corner is a design baptism, art is everywhere, this is New York. New York is a city without any design boundaries, and design nutrients are exchanged. After returning to China, I pay more attention to cross-border and integration. Through the cross-border and constantly learning new things, in the field of metalworking creation from scratch to the present, even if I encounter setbacks, I feel that it is fun. Otherwise, a direct case painting will become very standard. . I hope that through design and teaching, we will change the environment in Taiwan and affect more people. I have been working in metalworking design for many years. My nails have never been cleaned. The delicate hands are not seen in the past. The dirtiest place in the house is the metalworking work area. However, the most charming thing about metalworking is "micro labor" & "black hand" ". Thank you for your enthusiastic support for the SONO works, because a large number of custom-made orders flooded, resulting in a large traffic jam on the production line. Soon, SONO will not pick up the urgent items, and the delivery time is about 10 days. Please make an appointment early. At present, we have received orders from overseas friends. Thank you, SONO will polish the MIT's gold signboard and will not let fans disappoint.. / Ring size measurement / Roll the tape around a circle on the finger that you want to wear the ring to measure the ring that suits you. If you don't have a tape measure, you can use the wire or paper to measure the size and then use the ruler! (Unit is CM) / Silver maintenance / ➡ Do not touch sea water or hot springs. Keep them dry. Put them in a dry and sealed bag or box when not wearing them. The best way to maintain the silverware is to wear it regularly, because the body's oil can produce a natural moist luster. 发现If you find that the silver has yellowing and oxidation, use a toothpaste and a little water to lightly wash the surface, or use a soft brush to clean the slits of the jewelry, then wipe the surface with a silver cloth. ➡When you are always in maintenance, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. / Copper maintenance / ➡ The most convenient and fast toothpaste, salad dressing is a small helper with good oxidation effect. Add water to foam and gently scrub or rub. In just a few seconds, immediately restore the original brightness of the jewelry. Finally, remember to use a hair dryer after washing with water. Let the jewelry dry! 擦拭 Wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in a little copper paste to quickly restore the brightness, and the protective luster produced by the treated surface can delay the next oxidation time. / Jewelry rust and rust prevention techniques and daily maintenance / ➡ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / Designed by SONO Hot Search: Pocket / Stationery / Stickers / Paper Tape / Flower / Anniversary / Lucky Bag / Accessories / Christmas / Halloween / Gift / Note Book / Birthday / Travel / Christmas Card / Star / Valentine / Gift / Silver Ring / 18K Gold Ring Custom / #18K Platinum Ring Custom / Marriage Diamond Ring / Wedding Diamond Ring / Bracelet / Red Copper Ring / Brass Ring


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