Wax rope woven shell key ring - picking

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This key ring has a solid and durable texture. The gradual part is connected one by one. Each color matching rule is not exactly the same. It is unique with a natural-made shell. It has a normal version and a short version.


Wax rope woven shell key ring - picking


**"Spring is good harvest, autumn is picking up the ear, it is my wish."** - This key ring is solid and durable Gradient parts are connected one by one, and each color matching rule is not exactly the same Unique with natural shells There are normal and short versions to choose from. **|Material** Wax rope, shell **|Dimensions** Normal version: about 10cm (without key ring length) Short version: about 8cm (without key ring length) Dimensions are measured by hand. Please forgive if there is any error. **|Brand story** " According to legend, puka is the eyes of the sea god scattered in every corner of the ocean, and the people who guard the sea can return safely. The puka is like the amulet of the ocean, bringing happiness and strength to people." A cat-loving woman from Taipei fell in love with this blue sky and blue sea in the south of the country. She also fell in love with this happy puka shell, so she began the road of braided rope creation. Efforts to get rid of the folklore style of the woven rope accessories, so that the match between the braided rope and the puka shell can be more refined and have their own personality and style, so that this road has walked away and walked to the 13th. Year **|Little reminder** ► Please indicate the color style and score you want after subscript ► Each display has a slight color difference, the actual color is mainly physical goods ► Customized products take 5~7 working days, excluding delivery time ► The products are all made of natural natural shells, so they are not exactly the same as the drawings, and they cannot be selected. Please forgive me. ► The product can be waterproof, but it is recommended not to contact hot water. The hot water will cause surface water wax loss and reduce the waterproof effect. ► Silver ornaments are all 925 sterling silver. Silverware needs regular maintenance. Silverware will be attached with a silver cloth. Wipe it with this cloth. ► Customized products are not returned except for defective products.


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