[Halloween limited] pumpkin shape seed ball (excluding flower / culture soil)

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**Knock Knock~ Trick-or-Treat!** This year's Halloween is different! I don't want sugar~ I want to plant pumpkin seed balls! Limited! Handcuffs pumpkin shape seed balls each contain toy pumpkin seeds, watering carefully, it will sprout and grow!



[Halloween limited] pumpkin shape seed ball (excluding flower / culture soil)


**Product specifications** Seed ball: 1/2 pumpkin shape seed ball X 2. Recycled paper, hand-made Seed: Toy Pumpkin Packing: transparent bag **Planting method** 1. Lay the seed ball halfway into the soil. Make sure that the seed ball is full of moisture (wet and soft) when planting for the first time. 2. Pay attention to moisture every day, keep the paper ball and soil moist and keep it ventilated. 3. Remember that the seed bulbs should be placed in a ventilated area (beside the window sill) or on a shaded balcony to receive moderate sunlight. 4. Carefully observe the seed ball every day, wait patiently, and the seed will sprout out! 5. The seed ball is covered with seeds, and the wet seed balls can also be split and planted in different flower organs. 6. After the seedlings grow up, they can be transplanted into deeper/large flower plants, cover the soil, give more space to grow, and provide fertilizer to give nutrients, so that plants can continue to grow! **Intimate** 1. In the summer, the sun is violent, please do not expose to the sun directly. 2. The weather is hot and the water evaporates faster. Keep an eye on the seed bulbs and replenish the water. Keep it moist and place it in a well ventilated area to avoid being too moist and airtight. 3. When it rains, indoors and outdoors may be too humid. Please remember not to over-water and ensure that it is placed in a ventilated place. 4. The speed and results of germination and growth will vary depending on the method of planting or the difference in environmental conditions (soil temperature, light, humidity). Planting plants takes time to brew, as well as patient care and waiting. 5. If the seed does not germinate, it is likely that the water is not enough or has been cut off. Generally, when the plant seeds are saturated with enough water, they will be awakened and start the germination mechanism! **Special Note** The seeds will be slightly discolored, and if there is a suspected dirt on the seed ball, it is actually the discoloration of the seeds, please rest assured! The color of the seed balls that are hand-tanned will be slightly different for each batch. The merchandise photos are for reference only. Thank you for your understanding. Made in Taiwan handmade ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ★ Differences in planting methods or environment, growth speed and results will be different, the pictures are for reference only. ★ Before the seed ball planting group is unopened, please place it in a cool place and keep it dry. ★ No delivery service is available on weekends and national holidays. If you have any needs, please use the Pinkoi message to ask questions.


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