[Limited Edition] Pottery "Treasures Collection - Christmas Tree"--Handmade--Handmade--Clay--Glazed - Wood Engraving

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[Limited Edition] Pottery "Treasures Collection - Christmas Tree"--Handmade--Handmade--Clay--Glazed - Wood Engraving


Art comes from life But different from life Very free to be very casual very happy I always remember when I was a child, that share of fun and touched clay! Christmas is here once a year Although I rarely have Christmas, but see the Christmas tree will immediately link up the mood. So if Lenovo planted their own Christmas tree, is not every day to see are very happy feeling. However, in addition to the festival, I hope everyone can cherish this wonderful memory with this moving! Created "Planting Treasures - Christmas Tree" was born! Every potted plant and Christmas tree is done in a slow production process Like pulling bad, repair blanks, pinch, carving, glazing and many other complex processes There is also in order to achieve the best results Must have the process of two kilns (prime burning, glaze burning) In various processes, are deliberately keep the memory of the hand, it will have a different appearance This "Treasure Collection - Christmas Tree" has something special to do except to be a container Have you found the stars of the Christmas tree are wood? Because in the creation of which will produce although small pieces, but good wood, and now the precious wood, wood can not be wasted! So it is designed into a star stirring rod !!! So at any time, can enjoy a warm hot drink, and feel the Christmas atmosphere Oh! Very suitable for their own collection Or give important people Oh! I hope everyone can because of it Feel happy, happy Oh ~ ~ ● production: pure hand-made, glazed, wood carving ● Size: Christmas tree height of about 8cm / base width of about 10.8cm Pot height of 7.4cm / mouth diameter about 9cm Star stirring rod length of about 8.5cm ● Material: clay, glaze, wooden stirring rod ● Note: 1. The whole group is fragile, please be careful collision or fall. 2. Wooden stirring rod surface has been coated with edible oil treatment, waterproof, but still can not be soaked in water. (If you often use, can be coated with cooking oil can be) 3. Each Christmas tree sculpture are different shapes are unique. 4. Each piece is purely hand-made carving, glazed production, the size will be a slight error. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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