Superwoman || Mother's Day Mother Mother Customized iPhone8 7 6S/6S Plus Samsung HTC

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This superwoman is my mom! Dearest 妳 For me, it is the unique superwoman in the whole world.


Superwoman || Mother's Day Mother Mother Customized iPhone8 7 6S/6S Plus Samsung HTC


▓ Superwoman

This superwoman is my mom!

Welcome custom mom's name
Tell mother with phone shell
"The dearest
For me, it's the unique Superwoman all over the world."

▲ Because of aging, only pink and pink are used during Mother's Day. If there are other colors, there is no need to discuss with the designer. See if timeliness can make it or not.

▓ Precautions
▲Welcome to inquire about other models (if not iPhone, please be__**before ordering**__confirm with us if there is this model, if you do not find the model after the first order payment,**can not**refund over payment Or credit card payment, etc.)
▲Drawer slide cover only iPhone series__**6(S), 6(S) Plus, 7, 7Plus**__, if necessary please purchase at the following website
▲ Slide drawer The drawer of the drawer can be used for various types of cards. Normally, it can be swiped directly. However, some cards may not be sensed due to the wafer design. In this case, it is recommended to purchase a magnetic patch separately**No sale**) Used together
▲Customized or out-of-stock items, production time is about 10 days (excluding holidays), please wait patiently
▲ The hard shell feel in the store is thinner than__****__
▲ The color of the actual product and the screen may have slight errors

🚩 If you cannot accept the above items, please do not place orders to avoid misunderstandings. We are very eager to run this design shop. We hope to reduce misunderstandings through good communication. Orders will be accepted on your behalf. Please do not give a low rating for reasons such as "large color difference" and "too thin shell". Thank you.

▓ hard shell introduction>
(The picture is a bit big, if you can't run out, please wait.)
Around the bag, do not pack up and down (matt)

滑 Slide cover drawer case>
▲ Four-sided silicone soft shell all-inclusive, sliding part is hard shell
▲ The card can be placed after the cover slides open
▲ black layer is silicone soft shell

Due to the problem of printing process, there may be problems with misprints at the edges.
If you don't look closely, you can't really see it clearly, but if you care about it, we don't recommend placing orders to avoid misunderstandings.

◎ If you have your own favorite sentences and pictures, we also welcome custom made a shell for you
◎Oh! WeiJane will not be responsible for customized photo copyright

台湾 Made in Taiwan designed by Taiwan (some models made in Korea)
After a selection of comparisons, find the most favorite and most textured shell
Quality control, please rest assured to buy


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