Ice shell - hair kid [Innocent Golden Retriever - pink box] full version of the protection for the iPhone 7 (iPhone 7 Plus) - original phone case / case / shatter-resistant shell / phone shell

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● The sides of the phone are shock-absorbing TPU rigid soft-shelled materials, combined with the high-density PC hard ba


Ice shell - hair kid [Innocent Golden Retriever - pink box] full version of the protection for the iPhone 7 (iPhone 7 Plus) - original phone case / case / shatter-resistant shell / phone shell


"Onor ice crystal shell introduction"

The sides of the phone are shock-absorbing TPU hard-soft frame material, combined with high-density PC hard backplane, leaving the phone simple style. Special TPU material energy-efficient impact absorption, lightweight crystal clear, and can provide a comprehensive mobile phone security protection.

☆ use the unique phone shell, showing personalized features.
☆ often accidentally fell to the phone down.
☆ like low-key style, but can show personal style.
☆ do not like the phone shell is too thick, but there are anti-drop function.
☆ do not like the phone shell not long after the whole just turn yellow.

"Protect the phone is no longer heavy, very transparent and not easy to yellowing"

Back shell hard shell, not easy to yellow, the border is a soft shell with high support material, and the general market very soft material is different. Two materials perfect shape, a few did not join the line, as if the whole shape, delicate and translucent, Onor will call it ice crystal phone case.

"Back button protection 100 points"

Phone shell over the screen height of 0.7mm, the phone will not drop the screen directly to the ground. Back shell four corners increased 1mm, can buffer landing impact. Back shell thickness is higher than the lens, to avoid lens wear. One to one key cover, to avoid water droplets directly into the phone button. In addition, there are intimate pendant hole hanging pendant Oh !!

**Note: ice crystal shell [Deluxe Edition] iPhone 6/7/8 series have dust plug, other brands without dust plug !!**

"The ice crystal case can be used with a screen protector, with the following limitations on the size of the screen saver:"

A loaded 3D full version of the protective stickers can also be used, but subject to the following conditions:
**i7 protective stickers limit:**
13.5cm long
6.25cm wide
**i7 Plus protection limit:**
15.3cm long
Within 7.3cm wide

"Packaging turned into universal calendar, environmental protection, love the earth"

Like Onor Super Wipes, eco-friendly packaging, cell phone case packs can be turned into upright multi-purpose almanacs, and we work with every resource on the planet! PS beautiful packaging is suitable for gifts!
Put a piece of paper card like this, you will transform the calendar on the table to see the day of the month is the day of the week, you can adjust the good Hello. Kraft paper is very durable, so that everyone's calendar can be used for a long time, it is a long time.

"Detailed video introduction"

**Products real shot**

Hairy dog [Bulldogs feel too hot]

Hair kid [innocent golden retriever]


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