Log automatic pen 0.5mm Australia Johor Bahru X rhinoceros horn rosewood / 1160102

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Reflect the writing of daily notes ~ The core tube can be recycled to avoid injury and protect the pen tip. With carbon core and 7 color cores, it enriches the fun of writing.



Log automatic pen 0.5mm Australia Johor Bahru X rhinoceros horn rosewood / 1160102


►Insist on no dyeing, no lacquering, enjoy the natural beauty of playing with logs The material is selected from high-quality wood with special wood grain color. The color of wood is caused by the variety and the absorption of different minerals in the soil during growth. The wooden pen will oxidize due to air, moisture, ultraviolet rays and other factors, and gradually change into different colors. Therefore, each pen has a different texture and color. ►The ergonomic pen design improves grip comfort At the point where the pen is held, an arc-shaped triangular section is used to make the fingers and the barrel more fit, buffer the force required to transport the pen, and reduce the fatigue caused by long-term writing. The shape of the pen barrel is round and soft, and you can feel the warm touch of the logs when you write with the pen. ►Wood X wood, two-color stitching of logs to enrich writing fun The design is based on the original color of the wood, and the two different woods are cleverly used to show the personality of the wooden pen. Let the wooden pen embellish the colorful colors for daily writing moments and show the extraordinary taste charm. In addition to the carbon core, the three mechanical pencils can be purchased with 7-12 types of color refills to enhance the fun of writing and creation, and exert unlimited creativity. ►Environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly stationery developed by hand Use natural wood to retain pure natural beauty. The wooden pen is accompanied by the frequent holding of the pen for writing, and the pen barrel is shiny and shiny due to the grease on the hand. After years and months, it radiates a unique radiance. ►In the wood grain ring, taste the light of the years Pen and ink gift-giving represents a deep expectation and affirmation. Each pen comes with an exclusive pen cover, combined with the gift box packaging to create a moving atmosphere when receiving gifts. A good pen not only accompanies the writing life of the other party, but can also become a treasure passed down from generation to generation. The wooden pen will be written with the pen held frequently, and the barrel will appear shiny and lustrous due to the grease on the hand, which is called pen keeping. After years and months, each pen will carry the traces of different users' lives and radiate a unique radiance. ►Multiple journeys, carefully quenching the chain A manual wooden pen has to go through multiple processes: material selection, material extraction, drilling, correction, plugging, turning, hand throwing, assembly, and testing. Each pen is glued and fixed for about 20 days to ensure that the glued joint is stable and not easily deformed. Start polishing, and then place it for 10 days. After finishing it, it will be polished twice and finely repaired. ‧Do not use for purposes other than writing ‧Details will be stuck in the throat, please do not put in the mouth ‧Please place it in a place where young children cannot easily access ‧Do not drop to avoid malfunction ‧Do not place in direct sunlight and high temperature places ‧The tip of the pen tip is sharp, please use it with care ‧Depending on the paper material, there may be cases where the lead cannot be written, please note ‧Be sure to retract the pen after use ‧The product is made of natural logs, the color and texture will be slightly different, which is normal 【Product Specifications】 Material: wood, metal, plastic, graphite Dimensions: 122 x 9 x 9mm 【Precautions】 Purchase of Jeantopia products will issue a paper invoice and ship with the goods, If you have a gift request, Please refer to the following supplementary freight URL, https://www.pinkoi.com/product/yE86t6Z3


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