Littdlework Small Animal Pin Badge | Mr. Xiong

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Made in Taiwan | Pin Animal Badge | French Bulldog


Littdlework Small Animal Pin Badge | Mr. Xiong


/ About Littdlework ▲Littdlework is a Taiwan brand established by Hong Kong girls. Embroidery as the center, design unique jewelry. Littdlework is a combination of Little and Needlework. ▲Needlework stands for embroidery and needlework; Embroidery is like life, Use a stitch Use time and patience To be able to pierce a beautiful pattern on a blank cloth. ▲ Littdle represents a small, small thing; After seeing this world, I discovered that I was so small. Starting from Littdlework, Hope to use this little brand, little things, Achievement my great ideal. / About Designer - Shooting Star ▲ Since 2013, I really like to travel around. On the journey, I will use illustration to record everything I see. After graduating from school, I went to Taiwan around the island. Later I fell in love with the creative atmosphere here. Later, it opened a cultural and creative shop in Taipei. Also set up its own illustration and embroidery accessories brand. / Meteors want to say ▲ My design emphasizes the connection between memories and people. Which friend will remind you of the camera, coffee and stationery? The eggplant bag may be your link to the cockroach, Does Datong Electric Pan Make You Think of Mother's Cooked Meal? Pearl milk tea and steamed dumplings are links for travelers to recall Taiwan. This is the original design of Littdlework. / Style ▲ Mr. Xiong ▲ back for pins /size ▲ Embroidery: The maximum diameter is 4 cm /package ▲ candy bags / About shipping and packaging ▲Unless NT$800, uniform shipping and packing fee NT$60, convenience store NT$68 ▲ NT100 free shipping in Taiwan ▲ Hong Kong and Macau Free NT1000 (default SF, 2 days arrival) ▲ China free NT1500 (post office only, 10 to 15 days arrival) ▲ If you need fast arrival in China, the default is SF, and the freight is NT250 ▲ Other Asian regions only limited post office parcel registration (because express delivery is too expensive> 0<) An average of 6 to 15 days arrives because the size of the product's weight will affect shipping costs, Please first estimate the freight price by private news # Outside Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao are all packed in bubble envelope bags. Let small animals sit comfortably on long-haul aircraft. Completely delivered to your hands = D / Origin and manufacturing methods 100% Taiwan production machinery and handmade ---------------------------------------- / Designer's other embroidery jewelry design museum, please also support ▲ / More creative process and works please follow ig=D ▲ instagram : littdlework


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