Glass earrings - (circle) Pantone 161

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Glass earrings - (circle) Pantone 161


Glass earrings []

Choose the color of love

Earlobe to put on new clothes

Add color to mood

Beautiful day starting from the selection of earrings.

﹝ Pantone 161 ﹞

Mark color selection easy to use ticket number


Earrings production is the result of high-temperature kiln firing

A color material will start after the kiln slightly different

Coupled with different screen for each color effect

Such as color requirements are relatively high friends

You can use a message to our discussion

Together we find a more appropriate way to confirm the color!


About 1 cm in diameter, 0.2 cm in the positive and negative error values.


Handmade glass and stainless steel + silicone ear tab bundle

Can also be changed

Handmade glass + silicone ear clip (product specifications can be found in the menu next to the number)

The maintenance mode.

Auricular acupuncture are all glass and stainless steel materials will not fade, without additional maintenance.

Because the glass is fragile materials, do not vigorously throw on the floor, so as not to Shiguwucun.

Ear and glass is by adhesive stick, we will check carefully before shipment,

If two or experiencing separation, earrings can return the studio, just the burden of return shipping.


Earrings will be deducted from carefully packed in the brand Elevators, send additional paper tray.

We will try to do the safest delivery method, such as damage due to shipping upon receipt of the relationship, be sure to contact us using the message

We will immediately process.

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Just want to convey the truth to tell us, we will help you create little cards for your expression full of mind.

Limited to the amount, can make us to write (but ... Oh, please do not pick font> '<~), at no extra charge.

The size of the small card is the size of a business card, a simple content-based, so as not to write no less causing your problems.

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Like our jewelry friend, please help us by a fan group on the praise!

Your encouragement is the driving force behind our efforts in this offer extremely grateful ~> /// <

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Look forward to every encounter, we hope to meet jewelry treasure owner.

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Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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