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    ✔ ︎ colorful fun with five colors with ✔ ︎ recruit noble blessing combination ✔ ︎ buy this fleshy flower ceremony can en
  • **Fleshy cornucopia - trick noble group of pots**
    There is a blessing in ancient times, saying that when you go out! It means that people develop, live and earn a living outside. If they can meet the people who are capable and helpful, many things will be more effective and easier to succeed.

    Although noble may encounter demand, but if you can get the honors in the workplace, work can also be more handy, with less. The vitality of plants, can change the gas field, can be placed "five elements and more meat" to enhance the noble luck. The five elements of fleshy five elements, wood fire earth water, five different color succulents, respectively: New Yuxian green, black black prince, California sunset yellow, autumn orange, dragon blood pink, five elements Able to achieve magnetic field balance can help catalyze the noble gas.
    (The cornucopia is the most healthy selection of succulent plants of the week. If you do not have the fantastic five elements of the original combination, please allow the meat florist to select other fleshy for you to match and adjust.)

    **Green makeup home life, plants enhance life aesthetics**
    Plants play an important coordinating role in the urban cement jungle, allowing more green plants in the living environment to enrich our lives in the spiritual and physical aspects. It is actually very simple to bring plants to life. From having a succulent gift begins ...

    **About pots - cornucopia**
    Taiwan's brand FancyArchi's works, designers A Shun will be building their own expertise and 3D printing combination, pots by building language will be transformed into a unique sculpture of the sketch, so that the beauty of the building can be easily collectible type State, exhibition in daily life.
    The appearance of the cornucopia originated from the "Colosseum" and compared the pots to the playing field. The fleshy metaphor for athletes, large-caliber and shallow basin designs could grow more kinds of succulents, Contests! Show beautiful gesture.

    **Choose more meat**
    Succulents hundreds of species, what kind of genera of succulent plants in a piece is suitable? Is it nice? With the beauty of the problem, if there is no confidence, to the flesh right! The gift of each pot succulent, are the most healthy season to choose the most beautiful to match, the use of these fleshy group of pots, is definitely the most decent gift.
    Choose Succulents Group basin give away one of the greatest benefits is that this gift, that is, the flesh of life will continue, as you are full of blessings, full of gifts, the recipient must be able to fully receive. In addition, succulents are also not particularly difficult to care for, giving water more than two weeks, maintaining ventilation, and regularly allowing photosynthesis (even better if the sun shines), so that he Will live well for a long time!

    **Succulents dedicated medium**
    After many years of planting experiments, there is meat to find the most suitable succulent medium mixing ratio: Tangshan stone containing excellent drainage, hard black volcanic rock, drainage breathable and functional Borad stone, water absorption and Fertilizer good snake shavings, good ventilation and can make the roots of healthy sand development. Meaty fleshy plants are made from these high-priced succulent plants, so that you do not have to worry about soil problems and greatly increase the success rate of planting.

    **How to take care of these succulents?**
    If you want to plant them properly, the window is the most basic sunshine environment, and the watering method is: watering every 3-4 weeks for 200 cc except for the hot summer days.

    If you want to plant them properly, the window is the most basic sunshine environment, and the watering method is: use succulents dedicated watering device, watering every two weeks, each watering about 200 cc, dormant period (Summer) watering reduced to about 1/3, about 50 cc. Let them continue to be outdoors, succulents will continue to maintain a beautiful color Oh!

    **Size (cm)**
    18 x 16 x 8 (H)

    Cement pots, succulents dedicated medium, longevity flowers

    1. The appearance of succulents will be slightly different, because the season and the temperature will be different, please allow meat florist selection of healthy meat for you to do with and adjust.
    2. The best viewing period of one month, it is recommended that the semi-sunshine ventilation, according to the care card to take care of content, allowing plant life longer.
    Planting did not provide online shopping seven days of appreciation. If the shipping process can lead to damage, please contact LINE Customer Service (LINE ID: @succuland). Meat will help you to deal with it immediately. Please feel free to buy it.
    4. This product contains the entire station car shipping $ 550.

    **Packaging details**
    There are super-hearted meat packaging services and plug-in customized services, because the size of the basin height and shape, so we choose a soft paper packaging, pots and plants can be well protected and not easy to shake off Of course, beauty is also very important! In addition, the card frame surrounded by green succulent plants, simple words have full of meaning, from every one of you want to know the blessing, then the giver's intentions, hope that through this service, everyone's gift becomes more meaningful.
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Juicy cornucopia | recruit people group

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