Yuhuan bracelet

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This hand rope is very suitable for girls. The wire is slender and simple, and the phoenix knot is the finishing touch and is more antique. Adjustable tightness, suitable for 14~16 cm.



Yuhuan bracelet


What I want to say: About the hand rope: This hand rope is very suitable for girls to wear, the wire is slender and simple, and the phoenix tail knot has the finishing touch and is more antique. Adjustable tightness, suitable for 14~16 cm wearing The first time I saw Bingpiao South Red Agate, it reminded me of lychees. The white is rosy, and the position of each red bloodshot is different. Some people may think that it is not like lychees but like a little red in the snow. Everyone They all have different ideas. This is also one of the characteristics of Bingpiaonan Red Agate. I like its uniqueness. The second thought is to think that Concubine Yang loves to eat lychees, so I named it Yuhuan hand rope, and the two ends of the hand rope are made of phoenix tail knots. I think it is more in line with the overall design-Guifei Yang, lychee, noble, and the middle is It is easy to wear with a flat knot and can be adjusted according to the length of your wrist. Name: Yuhuan bracelet Material: Bingpiao South Red Agate Bead, Dark Red Jewelry Line (Taiwan Qianya), Aquamarine Abacus Bead Size: Bingpiao South Red Agate 8mm Packaging: high-end brocade bags, antique small cards, kraft paper envelopes, bubble paper https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/40743472563_175e80b5a1_n.jpg [If you need a gift, you can purchase a special gift box] https://www.pinkoi.com/product/U7tAG8kX Remarks: 1. Since the locations of the Bingpiao Nanhong Red Marbles are different, the merchandise received will be slightly different. You can appreciate its unique beauty, like a small world (viewing plums in the snow). 2. The color of the wire can be changed. Jewelry lines are available in four colors: bright red, dark red, dark blue, and dark green. Chinese jade lines are available except white. 3. The order of easy oxidation: iron (can be attracted by a magnet)> alloy> brass> brass plated with 18K gold/silver> brass plated with 24K gold. 4. In the wire section, the Taiwan wire is recognized as the best, followed by the Chinese jade wire. Jewelry thread is the jewellery thread that manufacturers are confident about their products. I have used both of them. They look the same in appearance. In actual use, the Taiwan thread will be tighter and difficult to tie Chinese knots. Fading, of course the price is higher. [Efficacy of natural stone] 1. Southern Red Agate: Promote blood circulation and human metabolism, lubricate the skin, relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance resistance. 2. Aquamarine: calm emotions. 【Reminder】 Maintenance: sealed preservation, silver wiping cloth, keep dry, dry toothpaste, wipe clean with facial tissue after wearing, put it in a sealed bag, the alloy part is easier to oxidize than brass. After-sales service: one year warranty (only need to pay the round-trip freight)


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