[Babe small illustration] like painting / portrait / portrait / custom painting 7 吋 _ paper photo frame

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Unique and soft portrait painting, gift for personal use (*ˇωˇ*人)


[Babe small illustration] like painting / portrait / portrait / custom painting 7 吋 _ paper photo frame


[Product Description] Whether it's your birthday, someone else's birthday, two-person anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. Customize a unique portrait to give to his beloved (❛◡❛✿) _________________________________________ [Illustration style] This illustration is a girl's soft cute style, so the characters will be beautified a lot (eye enlargement, young age) However, the basic similarity and facial features will remain, please accept it again! The background is mainly decorated with small objects such as small flowers and grasses on a white background. If you need to add a wreath or a specific background, please slide down to the "Special Needs" commentary field. _________________________________________ [product information] Size: with frame 7吋, 13.5*18.5cm (Paper photo frame is available in black, white or kraft paper) Material: watercolor paper Media: Mike pen, color pencil, milk pen Packing: transparent OPP self-adhesive bag + kraft paper box _________________________________________ [customized process] Step 1 - Pick one or two photos to be customized. The photo needs to be "clearly clear, hand movements are simple, try to expose the whole head", and then send it to me using the "Contact Designer" system. ※The whole head reveals this part. I know that most people are used to cutting a little bit on the top of the head (I am also like this), but the style of the portrait is that you must show the whole head to look good, so if you don’t mind using my imagination It's okay to help you fill the top of the head. (?) In addition, if the hand movement is too complicated, it will be adjusted. However, if you are not sure if the photo is suitable, don't worry too much. When you pass the photo, you can communicate more! Step 2 - After you have communicated with the designer, you can place an order and pay, and you will start drawing after the payment is correct. (General working days are 7-14 days, will be drawn according to the payment order, so please ask the designer before the order, the urgent need to add additional fees) Step 3 - After the drawing is completed, it will be sent to you again. This step can only modify the small place. If there is no problem, it will arrange the shipping for you as soon as possible. _________________________________________ 【Special needs】 Double illustration: +$500 Add text: Please inform the designer of the word and location to be written before drawing, no need to charge Plus background: increase the price according to the complexity, about +$300~$600 Adding items: increase the price according to the complexity, ranging from about +$200 to $600 Urgent: According to the situation to assess whether to take orders, need to increase the price Plus wreath: +$300 (as shown below, five optional) https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7927/46930842502_3606593ee2_z_d.jpg ※Note: Because the wreath is a paper tape, there will be tape on the edge of the tape! ※ Long hair is less recommended to add a wreath, if you still want to add privately to discuss with the designer _________________________________________ 【Precautions】 1 - 3-5 working days after the completion of the work 2 - This product is a customized product, so it will not be subject to substantial modification, refund or return after the work is completed. 3 - Start drawing after payment, no draft service 4 - The designer retains the copyright and copyright of the image. It may not be reprinted, modified or used as a profit-making project without permission. If there are other uses, please contact the designer and will quote separately according to the needs. Place of Origin: Taiwan


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