Big staff Taipa [handmade silver] wax seal × letter × constellation × natural stone custom wax rope bracelet

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Sealing wax (flame paint) chapter, from 1626 French used to seal the letter, the wax is heated to the seal, covered with fire paint, The beginning of the letter name or the family emblem of the chapter can identify the identity, but the stamp is attached,



Big staff Taipa [handmade silver] wax seal × letter × constellation × natural stone custom wax rope bracelet


[material] 925 sterling silver [fall size] 0.1cmX0.1cm [natural stone] has options to choose from ] [Rope wax**Single Please Note the cord wax color, two colors can be programmed with** [Knocking] stenciled letter typed AZ or 12 constellation symbol (wax seal can only knock one word, please note what to knock when ordering) [Chain length] The best wearing hand circumference is 15±2cm (the maximum circumference can be up to 17cm, and the hand circumference is more than 17cm) Hand circumference (please note how to close the way, if no remarks are made by fixed circumference, no further inquiry) **Activity enclosure → can be worn within 17cm, more than please note** **Fixed fence → please provide hand size** **Fixed circumference + long chain → please provide the size of the hand (2cm long chain)** (The measurement results do not need to be increased or reduced by themselves, just a good amount is good) ※ This product is tight when it is used, and there are some small waxes on the line. It is a normal phenomenon. The bracelet can be worn without taking a bath. Wax line color Natural stone A. [Red garnet] corresponds to the bottom wheel The English name is Garnet. The evolution of the Latin word "Granatum" means that it has the symbol of new life, faith and simplicity like seeds. At the same time, garnet helps to improve the blood of the human body, which can promote blood circulation and enhance vitality. In addition, it can play the role of beauty and beauty, so it can also be said that garnet is the first choice for women's jewelry, symbolizing loyal and friendly love, can bring happiness and eternal love. It is the protection of luck and love, which allows women to have irresistible charm, attracting happiness and eternal love. B. [Powder Crystal] Development Heart Wheel Can help to pursue love, help improve interpersonal relationships, enhance popularity, strengthen charm, and pray for love. Increase love A harmonious, cheerful mood makes the relationship more harmonious and promotes business. C. [Topaz] corresponding throat Positive, sincere, vitality, the spiritual stone of "sincerity and hope" D. [Titanium crystal] corresponding to the sun gear Titanium crystal in Feng Shui: often symbolizes great auspiciousness, wealth, such as the blessing of the gods, has a very high status, and is recognized The six main energy sources are the main wealth, the partial wealth, the humanity, the evil spirits, the health, and the villain. Wearing in the left hand has the effect of inviting and assisting. For example, the effect of titanium crystal is to recruit positive wealth. For those who are indecisive, hesitant, and lack of opinion, they have the ability to strengthen their decisive decision-making power, and to increase the power of courage, and to stimulate individual courage, discouragement and pattern. Wearing the right hand has the effect of taking the disease. E.【黄碧玺】corresponding to the umbilical wheel Can make money and improve memory. Make people calm, clear, do things well, and act rationally. F. [Labradorite] corresponding to the top wheel Labradorite is also known as Spectral Stone because it can be named as the colorful light of the sun. Widely found in a variety of medium, basic and ultrabasic rocks. Only a few of them can be used as gemstones. More colors can be seen from the labradorite, which means that the energy it brings is more diversified, which enhances insight and stimulates our potential. It is calm, firm and long-waved. Energy characteristics can alleviate pain and eliminate fatigue, helping to strengthen vitality. G. [Moonstone] corresponding to the top wheel The soft moonstone can slow down the rigid character and attract the opposite sex to exude a romantic atmosphere. It is also called (lover stone) is the best token of love, can help sleep, calm, make people harmonious and soft, attract love more than powder Crystal, with deep emotional treatment function, can change people's gas field, make the wearer noble and elegant, and behave generously. A balanced effect on the female endocrine system can improve fertility, prevent physical pain and edema, and is often used as a talisman to protect travel safety. H. [Pyrite] Pyrite has a long-lasting history in Chinese ancient books. It is said that because of the glittering golden light, the miners mistakenly thought it was gold, and there was also a "fool", also because of the golden light. Chinese believe that there is a function of gathering wealth. I. [Blue Sandstone] It symbolizes progress, success, victory and glory; it can enhance leadership and solid power, enhance the body's righteousness and eliminate evil spirits; clear mind and relieve stress. Knockable pattern ★ 925 sterling silver is not easy to be allergic to the quality of wearing a bath, generally normal wear depends on the body (acid and alkali) different oxidation speeds are also different, silver decoration oxidation After turning black, you can use toothpaste / silver wash / silver cloth to clean and wash, you can return to silver white and easy to maintain. ------------------------------------------------ Maintenance method It is normal for sterling silver jewelry to oxidize and blacken in the air. It can be stored in the box with the gift when it is not worn. The contact between the jewelry and the air prevents oxidation of the jewelry of pure silver. You can also use the maintenance of small things - silver water / silver cloth, Let the jewelry maintain a bright luster. -------------------------------------------------- ------------- How to use small items Pure silver oxidized black maintenance as long as a soft toothbrush After a little bit of toothpaste and a light brush, rinse it to restore its luster. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer Can be used with a silver cloth to restore the luster of silver, like a new silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface Silver cloth For the maintenance of jewelry for weekdays, wipe the metal surface *When the silver cloth is a maintenance cloth that contains easy maintenance, do not wash it with water. The black cloth is turned off as normal, until it is not brightened and then discarded directly. Do not wipe the surface of the semi-precious stone with a silver cloth. If it is rubbed for a long time, the surface of the semi-precious stone will be scratched or fogged. * Silver wash water 1. Put the silverware in the silver wash water and dip it for 3 to 5 seconds. 2. Take out the jewelry from the silver wash water and rinse it with plenty of water. 3. Dry the jewelry or dry it with a hair dryer 4. Can be used with silver cloth to make the silver decoration shine, like new *Remember*vintage black jewelry do not dip into the wash water, otherwise the retro black will become the original silver 喔! Origin / manufacturing methods Place of origin Taiwan


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