Black crystal clear / natural ore / sterling silver bracelet

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Conformable ore / leader charm / evil evil Suitable for girls with light, jewelry and accessories


Black crystal clear / natural ore / sterling silver bracelet


【design concept】 Light · Jewelry · Accessories Urban girls' favorite elegance and fashion! Use black hair crystals to increase strength for leading the team. package/ ♦ A thick clip chain bag for storage ♦ Jewelry cloth size/ ♦ Length 15 cm xs Material: ♦ 925 silver gold plated ♦ Black hair crystal 5mm 14K gold maintenance: Gold-coated products have a K-gold texture, which is not easy to cause allergies, but may oxidize with time and wearing habits. If there is a darkening phenomenon, use a finger to add toothpaste and water, gently rub the metal part, and the jewelry can be restored Some metallic luster. When not wearing, please wash and air dry the clip chain bag! ************************ What is the US 14K GF (gold package)? Most people are very clear about what is 925 sterling silver, but not so clear about what is 14K gold package. However, 14K gold-clad jewelry has already become popular in the United States and Europe, because it does not have the wealth of thousands of gold, and the elegant light gold is more fashionable and trendy 💃🏼. 1/20 14K Gold Filled, referred to as 14K GF, also known as 14K gold package or 14K gold injection. It refers to the way of mechanical pressing, high pressure covering a thick layer of 14K gold on the surface of the metal tire (brass or other base metal). Gold-clad has strong binding force and high wear resistance, so it is not easy to fall off, and it is more durable than gold plated (gold plated) 💛💛. The surface of 14K gold-clad jewelry has a layer of 14K gold, which is the same as the appearance of 14K gold jewelry. Therefore, the words "1/20 14K GF" are usually printed on 14K gold-coated products, and some accessories will not be printed due to appearance considerations, such as beads, chains, gold threads, etc.! ✧Daily maintenance After wearing, please wipe the sweat and sebum with a soft cloth or cotton pad, and properly store it in the chain bag to isolate the air to prevent oxidation. For fine-chain products, please always wear a bath and wash off the sweat and sebum on the jewelry About the material: ♦ The composition and characteristics of each natural stone are different, but it is inevitable that there will be some ice cracks, mineral shortages, black spots, uneven colors, etc. Every natural stone is different, so jewelry made of natural stones is also unique ! ✧About maintenance All products are sold with lifetime maintenance service Precious metal (18K & 14K & 925 sterling silver) partial replacement material charge Please send us a letter to discuss the product you want to update or damage ^^ ✧Commodity packaging If you need gift, please write "gift" and other information in the remarks after subscripting We will arrange more details for the product packaging ~ ※ Do not specify the packaging to have a paper bag carton or a designated color wrapping paper, etc.


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